Mercury Rx? Lovin' it!

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Sometimes I wish I knew just a little more about astrology. I know just enough to know I don't know nearly enough to fully comprehend what's going on! Mercury, for example, is retrograde, which would imply that communications are wonky and certainly not an optimal time to send out a mailing or participate in something that depends on the Internet.

But the last 48 hours have brought the most traffic to both my main website and the Easy World site we've had in a really long time--and aside from the day of the launch of Easy World, the most ever there. I do know that how Mercury Rx affects you depends on a host of factors, so there must have been a bunch that mitigated the usual effects. In this case, if this was a bad time for communications, I'd sure be amazed to see what might have happened if the time was ideal!

Very exciting! I can feel that the energy around my work has expanded hugely. In addition to my fall newsletter going out, and a variety of other miscellaneous small contributing factors, a great deal of the expanded feeling has to do with my participation in an effort to get the word out about Gay Hendricks' new book, Five Wishes. (Thanks so much to my wonderful friend, best seller campaign wizard and NY Times Bestselling author, Peggy McColl, for that connection). It was a different kind of campaign and apparently very successful--it's at #5 on the Amazon Best Seller list--or was the last time I checked. According to my web stats, lots and lots of new folks have discovered my work via the sponsor page for Five Wishes. (I'm all the way at the bottom, which at first blush may not seem like a benefit, but I think it has been.)

And unlike some times when people drop by during such a campaign, these people were not lured there with the promise of a gift--they have come and spent time exploring the site instead of the usual hit-and-run situation when they come just to collect a free download. I love that! I love knowing that what I'm doing and have done is making connections for people that prompts them to want to hang around and explore the site, read articles, peruse the blog, and so on.

Do check into Five Wishes. I have read about a third of it, and it really catalyzed some powerful inner shifts in my thinking about some things. It's a simple little book but packs a punch. It's a combination memoir from Gay Hendricks mixed with a guide to personal growth. I think it would make a great holiday gift. And no--I'm under no obligation to blog about this book--I really like it a lot!

Changing the subject, Rick and I ordered in sushi tonight and if you've never had a lobster tempura roll, you don't know what you're missing!!!

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