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Okay--some of you may be wishing I'd get off this baseball thing, but that is not looking all that likely in the near future--the Rockies swept the National League Championship Series with 4 straight wins over the Arizona Diamondbacks and will now play in the World Series!

That doesn't start for over a week, so with any luck, I'll be posting about other things between now and then...

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Sibylle said:

I just wish I had any way to see what you're talking about, but no chance on Irish TV! So, go Rockies, whoever you may be...! ;-)

julia said:

Ah! Sibylle! You can find out about the Colorado Rockies and see the last play of the last game they played by going here:
and this blogger summed it up perfectly (Rick says this is what I would say if I were the stat-quoting jock:
"The Rockies have saved me from my wicked ways...Once again the Rockies made all the right moves, including a balls of steel move by Hurdle to bring in a rookie pinch hitter in the bottom of the 4th. Naturally he blooped a 1-2 pitch to left for a double. And you knew it was going to happen. It was like God preordained it...That's the weird thing about the Rockies. They're literally playing on another plane, and it's actually tangible. While Boston fans piss and moan and expect failure, this Rockies team exudes such a unreal level of confidence that even casual observers watching this team play have a firm belief that they'll win. And they do, over and over and over again. And are they going to win the World Series? Hell yes they are. Forget the "they'll be off for too many days" excuse (besides, teams with 5 days off or more going into a World Series are 7 for 10 at winning it) or the "what if they lose a game?" question. It doesn't matter anymore. This team is winning it all. Period."
And the World Series starts Wednesday--Goooooooo Rockies! Nice to know they have honorary fans on the Emerald Isle!!!
Love and hugs back,

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