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I must preface this by saying that I've never been much of a sports fan. But when you live in a city with pro sports teams, it's easy to get infected when the energy around one of them picks up. The only pro sport I've been to in person since I've lived here in Denver is baseball. I've been to Coors Field to see the Colorado Rockies play a number of times, and I'll confess what I really like is the ballpark experience. I don't remember the Rockies winning but maybe one game when I was present, so the thrill of the game has not been the main draw for me. I do love the atmosphere at Coors Field--I'm sure it's the same at other Major League ballparks, but since Coors is the only one I've been to, that's my reference point. I love the sunshine, blue skies (I've been lucky with my baseball weather!), schlocky organ music, food stalls, beer stands, over-the-top sound and light effects, cornball announcer, and, yes, the baseball is interesting, too.

Though I haven't been to the ballpark this season, it's gotten really interesting over the last few weeks, because the Rockies, who have never made a post-season playoff before this year are on fire! Make that "ON FI-YAH!" They've won the last 17 of 18 games, including sweeping the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Division Series which they put an end to last night. Now they advance to the National League Championship Series, and they have fans dreaming of the World Series, which they will play in if they win the NLCS over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Rockies have a young, talented, dynamic team, and the roll they've been on feels like it's still picking up speed. We shall see! It certainly has swept me up in it. I've watched (on TV) their last 6 games with great enthusiasm, and plan to keep watching till the playoff ride ends. Yes--I'm late to the party, and one of those fairweather fans the diehards love to resent, but better late than never! I'm having big fun nonetheless.

I started this entry by saying I've never been much of a sports fan. I always thought it was much ado about nothing and that people's devotion and passion were misplaced--that if they invested as much passion in being creative or helpful or spiritually focused as they do in sports, the world would be a better place. And having your identity all tied up with being a fan of this, that, or the other team was a bit pathetic.

Now, I wonder about that. I mean--people do seem to get a lot of joy out of sports, and what is more transformative than joy? Not to mention, while you're transfixed by a game, you're not as likely to be fomenting trouble (that's for those prone to that--not my dear blog readers!). And surely there is great merit to being purely entertained with your mind off your troubles. So, even though I do think some people use sports as a way to avoid digging deeper within themselves, I'm mellowing a bit on my stance. But maybe that's simply because I need to rationalize my new Rockies baseball fixation...

Go Rockies!
This time is what folks around here are calling "Rocktober."

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Sibylle said:

I second that! Sport creates all those highs of joy and togetherness and a we-can-do-it attitude. Says a dedicated Liverpool fan (football - that's soccer to you there in the US!) who's loved and enthused about her team for the past, hang on, 24 years (jeez!)... :-)

Julia said:

24 years? Your mother must have been taking you when you were still just a babe in arms...(grin)
You said, "Sport creates all those highs of joy and togetherness and a we-can-do-it attitude." Yes! A wise hag, you are!

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