A vibrational match to victory: lessons from the ballpark

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The Colorado Rockies rock on! I am working on my fall newsletter (to be ready this Thursday), so most of my writing energy is going into that, but I thought I would report that the Rockies have now won the first 2 games of the National League Championship Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks (in Phoenix) to see who will play in the World Series. They will be back here in Denver tomorrow night to play Game 3, with cold, rain, and even snow in the forecast. Will this be an advantage in playing a team used to high temps and clear skies?

The Arizona fans, as one might imagine, have not taken defeat at all well, with some even going so far in the first game as to throw full bottles onto the field when a call didn't go their way--so dangerous, the Rockies manager had to pull them off the field till things calmed down! And I have been struck by all the booing fans of all teams do when things aren't going their way. They clearly don't understand the Law of Attraction--going into reverse polarity just takes them farther into the realm of things not going their way!

To get what you want, you have to have a vibration that matches what you want. People who are booing or otherwise being contrary are hardly vibrating a match to the joy of victory! Also, the booing brings the whole synergy one is a part of down, so you're actually depleting the energy of the team you're connected with when you use your emotional expressiveness to emphasize and magnify displeasure at what you don't like!

Yes--I'm finding a lot of spiritual lessons in baseball these days, which is a fortunate thing since I'm needing to spend so much time watching it!

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