There's no competition in manifesting

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Last night in game 1 of the World Series, the Rockies were slaughtered at Fenway Park in Boston. The Red Sox outplayed them in every way. Josh Beckett, the Red Sox premier pitcher, and arguably the best pitcher in baseball today, was nearly infallible. The final score was 13-1. Tonight, in game 2, it was a different story. The Sox still won, but only by one run. The Rockies are clearly coming back to life  Hallelujah!

Last night, on the Powerful Intentions Forum, a Rockies fan asked the following question that I felt called to answer. He was expressing his deep desire to see the Rockies win even though the Red Sox are favored something like 2-1. He said, "I guess what I am saying is that there are about 90% of baseball watchers trying to manifest a Red Sox win.... How do we combat them, or out-manifest them?"

Here is my answer: "I know it seems counter to what MLB is--a competition--but the key is NOT to consider "them" at all. When we manifest, regardless of what our limited ego-minds perceive, we are not in competition with anyone.

Keep your focus on what YOU want and give NO THOUGHT to what anyone else wants. Keep your vibratory rate at the frequency of joy so that you are a vibrational match to experiencing even more joy (if you think that your team winning would be a match to joy!).

I don't know if you'll comprehend this--but let me just say that YOU are the creator of your reality, and there are infinite possible realities that can manifest concurrently, and the way you manifest a reality in your own experience is by where your focus is and what you are a vibrational match to. That absolutely determines what you manifest as your reality. And what others manifest as their realities, too. There isn't just one outcome even if that's what seems to be true.

Let the Red Sox fans manifest a reality where their team wins. Perfect!  Let the Rockies fans manifest a reality where their team wins. Perfect! 

Let me repeat: regardless of what our left brains tell us, there is not simply one consensus reality, but multiple ones.

It's a matter of where you put your attention, what your vibrational state is, and what you can allow. As for me, I intend to allow a Rockies victory."

Apparently, I was vibrating a closer match to creating it so that the Rockies are winning in my reality tonight than last night. Now for an actual winning score! They'll be back in Denver for game 3 on Saturday. I can see them winning at Coors Field...

Go Rockies!

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