Getting swept is NOT much fun

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Well, I guess I wasn't a vibrational match to winning the World Series in this reality! Or, perhaps, I should say that the Rockies weren't! The Red Sox swept to win the title tonight. The Rockies lost their mo during the 8-day hiatus between the National League Championship Series and the World Series and just couldn't get it back. Not to say the Sox didn't play really great baseball, but the Rockies' magic that carried them through for so long was definitely missing.

There was a little while tonight when they were only one run behind and it looked like they might catch up--but it wasn't meant to be.

Anyway, I'm okay with that as it frees up my evenings to do something other than watch baseball! Time to change focus.

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Teresa said:

Isn't the FUN of anticipating an outcome wonderful! And, if we were in vibrational alignment to win every time, that would eliminate the anticipation! :) Ain't life grand?

Julia said:

Ha! In this case, ALL the fun was in the anticipation! LOL!
Yes--life IS grand.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tom said:

Getting swept is not much fun? Try winning the first two games in you opponents ballpark and then still blow it. Even though you had the whole thing won in game 6 when you had a 2 run lead in the bottom of the 10th, and the Mets had 2 out and nobody on, and Calvin "I just wanted to through a strike" Schiraldi had an 0-2 count on Gary Carter. But Carter hit a line drive single, as did Kevin Mitchell, and Ray Knight, and then Bob Stanley came in to pitch to Mookey Wilson...
Sorry, I was have a 1986 flashback.

Rick said:

...and Stanley threw a wild pitch to tie the score. Lots of folks forget that part of the story, and only remember Buckner's "oops!" which finished the game.
And, of course, Schiraldi was the loser of record for *both* games six and seven.
Being a life-long Yankee fan, I know a great deal about the years the Sox were in the spotlight but fell short.

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