Vibrational Management Basics: How to Embrace Your Emotions for Higher Vibrational Frequency

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I'll be adding more later, but for those who are going to be attending my free teleseminar tonight, here's a link to the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System:


We had a huge and energetic group for the teleseminar--77 calls in (including Rick and me). I made a point of grounding myself more than usual tonight and was happy to feel that I was able to deliver all the salient points and still bring through lots of energy. I imagine I will be offering this one as a download when I get it edited!

Thanks to all of you who joined the call and added your lovely energy!


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donna said:

Hi Julia,
I tried to get in the conference tonite, but the access code didn't work.
I emailed for quick help but got no answer.
Any idea what happened?

Julia said:

I just emailed you--you were just an hour early! Try again on at the top of the next hour...

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