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I was cleaning out my email inbox and sent mail file this weekend, and in an email I had sent to someone almost a year ago (it's been awhile since I did this job!), I found a link I had included to something lovely I had forgotten all about.

I'm so glad I got caught up in reading some of the messages as I was deleting them so that I found it! While one of the hazards of going through your mail is getting bogged down in reading, in this case, it was a blessing.

It's a beautiful slide show/meditation I'm hoping you'll watch.  It's a little long--10 minutes, maybe? But it's absolutely exquisite, and it's so in alignment with my understandings about our God-Realized Selves,I want to share it with you. It makes me cry with joy when I watch and listen to it as if my Wise Self--my Spirit--my Beloved--is speaking to me.

Here is the link:



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Lovely Clarity said:

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!! This is a real gem! I love the Heaven Letters site and subscribed to the emails. Thank you for sharing! AWESOME!

Julia said:

Lovely Clarity!
Happy to see you stopped by, and glad you found the slide show as delicious as I did!

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