New Easy World insights about inspired action: no procrastination, increasing energy

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I was writing this morning and the following came to me. I posted it on the EW Forum as well as the PI Forum, but thought I'd add it to my blog as well:

The only kind of action that works in Easy World is inspired, energized action.

There's no procrastination in Easy World, because there's no arbitrary pressure to do anything. There's nothing to push against. You are either naturally inspired and energized and eager to do something, or you are to simply wait till inspiration and energy present themselves.

Now—if you've spent a lifetime practicing procrastination—rebelling against the imposition of other people's sense of timing on your own—this may be a strange new sensation! You now not only have permission to act only when it feels right to you, that is one of the laws of Easy World!

The other cool thing that came to me after reading about someone else's experience with inspired action is:

Because receiving an impulse for inspired action means you are aligned with the Divine Design for Harmony and plugged into the immense energy flowing with in it, taking inspired action sustains the alignment and increases energy. You will notice that instead of becoming tired from doing what you're inspired and energized to do, you'll become even more energized as you go along. Because taking action when you're not inspired means you're not aligned and plugged in, uninspired action depletes energy and you'll find that doing something you're not inspired to do makes you tired.

It's been a fun--and inspired--writing day so far!

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