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Well...I'm finally almost completely recovered from the dog-eating-xylitol episode. It took a far greater toll on me than on Lilah! You may find it astonishing that something that happened Tuesday night and that had a happy ending would still be a factor for me this many days later, but I guess the same sensitivity that makes me good at receiving higher information and putting it into words has a flip side: I get knocked sideways more easily than most, and it takes me awhile to reassemble all the pieces/parts.

Anyway...the real, enduring issue with that episode is something I want to share with you now: The day and night that the incident occurred was a day when I knew the moon was void of course. You can look up what that means, but in a nutshell, when the moon is in transition from one sign to the next, there is a period of time that lasts for a few minutes up to many hours where it is not influenced by any sign. This happens every couple of days, and, supposedly,  during this time, if you are someone who is particularly influenced by the moon, your decision making is off, along other related phenomena. The general wisdom is to avoid doing anything of importance during a void-of-course moon, especially making decisions.

I had been running a moon-phases program on my computer that put a little symbol in the bottom tray on my screen that would tell me the sign the moon was in. If the moon was void of course, it would turn the symbol red, so I'd always know when it was void. Well, here is the problem with that. I became paranoid about those periods. I felt I couldn't trust my inner guidance in case the void-of-course moon was causing my discernment to be off. When I saw that it was going to be void of course from around 4 a.m. Tuesday, to 4 a.m. Wednesday, I began to dread that 24-hour period and to almost expect that I was going to screw something up.

So, of course, I did.

First off, I consciously left the cookie piece on the floor for the enjoyment of whichever dog found it first, but was totally not thinking about it containing xylitol and being harmful. I just totally spaced that out. Was that the void-of-course moon's influence? Then, once I saw Lilah had eaten it, my immediate intuition was that she had not eaten enough of the cookie with xylitol to cause a problem. But could I trust that? I mean--what a horrendously bad decision it might turn out to be if I didn't seek medical help for her and my discernment was off due to the moon being void of course. It seemed the only thing to do was to cover the bases--call the emergency clinic, poison control, etc., etc. and be sure she wasn't harmed. She never did show any real signs of xylitol poisoning except that her blood sugar went a little low but not even enough for the emergency hospital to give her a glucose drip. So, my original instincts were correct, but I was too fearful to trust them because I knew the moon was void of course. It cost us $500 and a lot of trauma. We don't resent that expenditure--it was the prudent thing to do. But the real loss was not the money--it was my separation from my inner guidance.

So I decided to get rid of the symbol on my computer, but when I remembered to do it, the red symbol on my computer told me that the moon was void of course again--this time, for just under an hour. This was the day we were supposed to take Lilah back to the vet for a blood panel to rule out liver damage, but neither Rick, nor the vet, nor I really thought it was necessary--it was just what the protocol dictated. But what if we were making a faulty decision? I spent the hour swimming and stewing in paranoia. I felt totally trapped--I felt I couldn't make a decision and that anything I thought might be off. It was a very long hour. Finally, that afternoon, I could feel in my body that it was a waste of time, energy, money, and poor Roly's nerves (he is so freaked out when she leaves the house!) to take her in for a blood panel. I just gave her some more milk thistle (liver protective) and made note that she seemed as healthy as ever if not more so. And she still is.

I am a complete believer in that which is behind astrology. That the stars and planets with their various geological/mineral constituents and electromagnetic fields influence us, with our own responsive mineral makeup and electromagnetic fields, really seems totally obvious to me. But astrology is a left-brain thing. It's using the mind to interpret. And that is fine. Except when it interferes with our ability to be receptive to our Spirit and stay in the now with our inner guidance. I have decided not to consult the void-of-course chart again unless I feel guided to. The symbol is gone from my computer screen. I do not want any more void-of-course head trips to get in the way of my being able to listen clearly to my inner wisdom, which is always impeccable.

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Fritz said:

Hi Julia I am thrilled about your blog post. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in my left brain get trapped and unable to make decisions. I am so happy that I have you forum where I have learned that it really is ok to be paranoid and indecisive because I can say I can handle all of this easily simply allowing and surrendering turning all this over to something greater than myself.

Julia said:

Fritz, you said, "I can handle all of this easily simply allowing and surrendering turning all this over to something greater than myself."
Thanks for your support and your expression of appreciation. Always glad when my misadventures are helpful to others!!!
Love, Joy, Ease,

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