Spring is on its way!

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It's that time in January when I do my best to stay focused in the present moment, but regardless, I catch myself longing for a shift to the next season--the season of renewal and the return of green. Though it's started staying lighter longer, and we've had some warmer days and melting in the last couple of weeks, the backyard (northern exposure) is still mostly white and it's a long time till I can work in the garden after dinner. It would be silly to think there was no more cold and snow on the way--March is Denver's snowiest month. But after experiencing 5+ decades of winters which have, as the song says, melted into Spring, I know Spring is on its way.

I also have a wonderful tangible reminder that Spring is coming. My dear friend, Andrena, sent me a crocus bulb garden for Christmas, and it is in bloom now. The perfect gift! Back in North Carolina, where I spent all but 2 of my first 43 years, the crocuses would be visible in the yard about now. But the crocuses in my yard here are still under a foot of snow. So this indoor display is especially welcome!

I'm sharing it with you in case you were wondering if Spring is really on the way.

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