Where does the wisdom come from?

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In my work, I have now come to peace with simply saying that I channel "Divine Mind." As I have blogged about before, I have been firmly guided away from naming a particular entity that I channel. And only through my ego's insistence was I even able to wrangle the label of channeling "Divine Mind" because I needed some way to describe where what I teach comes from, inveterate human that I am!

As I was writing Recreating Eden, I did stay in continual dialog with an energy entity that I powerfully perceived as being the intelligence of Jesus--or maybe, more accurately, the Christ energy--but was given specific instructions not to advertise it as such. That was hard for me as it was so exciting to be touching into such crackling high frequency and to be getting the level of insights I was that were clearly not something coming from my ordinary level of consciousness. I had many hints that Jesus was feeding them to me, as well. My ego was so excited over this and, as egos do, wanted to quantify, qualify, and give it a name. But I was steered away from that.

The reasoning I was given for not attributing the wisdom to a particular entity is that if I am teaching Oneness--that there is only ONE and that our individuality is an illusion that the ONE created--am I not just confusing the matter if I put an individual label on where the wisdom comes from, other than from mySelf, who is inseparable from the ONE which includes Jesus, and everybody else? My instruction was to claim my own divinity and my own access to Divine Wisdom as a way to invite others to claim their own instead of continually ascribing wisdom to some "superior entity."

I have to say, this prohibition has, at times, really frustrated me. Seeing everyone going ga-ga over those who are channeling and naming the entities they channel, while I am just a relatively unknown human being bringing forth higher-level wisdom without having some ascended master's name to put out front in lights as a hook, has felt a little limiting to my ambitious ego. And yet I do trust that my guidance is correct in this--for me, at least.

I have great respect for Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. And my ego is envious because she can be her human self--just the messenger--and ascribe the wisdom to Abraham. And this is just my perception, but I believe she is tapping Divine Mind in the same basic way that I am and just perceiving it as being a group-consciousness named "Abraham" because she has an easier time getting herself out of the way that way. She became a channel many years ago, back in the days when channeling an entity was the way she was able to give herself permission to open up to this higher level of Self.

What I have been told (from within) is that the days of naming entities are now over and that it's time for us to claim our own ability to directly tap Divine Mind. Kind of like for a Catholic to realize they can talk directly to God without an intercessor, however lovely Mother Mary is. It's just a shift in perception. (I think I regularly tap into the Mother Mary/Divine Mother Love energy, too, by the way, and it is often just what someone needs when I'm doing an attunement for them!)

I fantasize that if I had been able to say, "I channel Jesus," or even "I channel Mickey Mouse," I might have had an easier, faster time promoting the message I feel it is my mission to offer. After all, I'm a human being and the overall low self-esteem of other human beings sometimes preclude them from thinking a fellow human can possibly have a line on Higher Wisdom to the same degree that some unembodied entity in another reality can. Without someone famous to give credit to, and, at first, no one knowing me from Adam, I have often felt at a disadvantage even as I knew that what I was bringing through was every bit as powerful as those who are naming entities and attracting masses of people!

OH! Speaking of Adam, maybe I should have claimed to be channeling Adam in the writing of Recreating Eden! (That was a joke.)

Envy or no (and what part of me is it that is envious?!), I do see that it is in alignment for me not to claim to channel an individual entity or entities because it wouldn't resonate as being in alignment for me. I do perceive that there is only ONE mind and we all have equal access. Jesus' aspect of Divine Mind, for example, is available to everybody who seeks it without going through someone else if they raise their vibration high enough. We are all the messengers when we stop playing small and looking to someone else to communicate with God for us! That said, I'm happy to keep sharing what I get in case it supplies a piece that you aren't yet getting on your own! (wink)

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