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Wow. I feel like I've ingested some kind of rocket fuel! I have been feeling on the cusp of major expansion and today, I entered into a new phase of it.

You may remember in an entry from the recent past that I decided it was time for me to accept greater abundance, and I asked for Easy World ways to make money. That's when the Holy Tea Club thing started taking off in a big way. It's also when I decided I needed to offer some classes. Suddenly, my attunement calendar started filling up as well, and the energy in the classes and the feedback I'm getting is like leavening! I've had several raves about my attunements, and comments that I am underpricing for the immense value of what I offer. Add to that the money that is coming in, and it is fueling my confidence that, indeed, what I have to offer is a lot more valuable than I have been willing to take a stand for till lately. It feels wonderful. I'm ready to value myself and what I do!

I decided some weeks ago that I might need a virtual assistant to help me with some things so that I could focus my energy on doing what only I can do and what I love the most. So I went to Google and put "virtual assistant spiritual" in the search window. What came up in the top couple of results was the website for Donna Marie Castaner (http://.lightforceva.com), who promotes herself as a "holistic virtual assistant." As I read through her website, I felt a door open within and a fresh breeze blow through as I experienced a preview of the relief having help in getting everything done that I currently do by myself would be. We exchanged emails--interestingly, she was already familiar with my work, is an Easy World fan, and was on my mailing list--promising signs--and we decided on today as a day to have an exploratory chat as Mercury, which has been retrograde for several weeks, was to go direct again yesterday (the 19th).

As time for the call approached, though, I was a little stymied about what it was that needed to happen. I wasn't at all confident that I could pay her fees at this point unless we generated some new streams of income, and I even wondered if our talking would be a waste of both our time since not only was I not yet sufficiently funded to pay her, but that I wasn't sure exactly what tasks I was ready to trust someone else with. Because she mentions setting up tours and helping Lightworkers expand their platform and visibility, I thought that perhaps she might be able to create a way to pay her way by finding me some gigs that would be lucrative, but I still just didn't feel like that was going to be a happening thing. Even though I felt a bit like cancelling, I was clearly guided not to. When we connected today, I told her right away that I was really unclear about everything, and she was very reassuring. We agreed to just let Spirit lead (ALWAYS a wise plan!), and so that's what we did.

It was a very fast hour. Donna Marie is obviously very intuitive and a creative, possibility thinker. As we talked, I could feel my energy rising. Actually, I could feel an evolutionary synergy at work and I knew that there was a divine reason we had connected. Although we agreed that what I really need right now is more along the lines of a PR agent, and that probably it's not time for me to hire her, she was very happy to spend the hour with me brainstorming. This lead to some superb ideas, one of which I am very excited to implement. You'll be hearing more about that later. I suggested that she bill herself as a "visionary partner" and charge consultation fees to do what she did with me today because she's really great at it! I have requested a "get acquainted" consultation with a spiritually oriented PR person Donna Marie referred me to, and I'm excited over all the new possibilities opening up! So glad I listened to Spirit and didn't cancel that appointment today! Once again, Spirit knows best. As always!

Oh--Webmaster Tony got the guestbook I've been wanting for the Easy World site finished and ready to go live today. I'd love it if you'd take a minute and just go sign in and say hi and make a comment about Easy World. It could be a quick EW anecdote, or simply "I love Easy World"!

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