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I'm not sure how I'm going to get this blog entry finished--I'm yawning to beat the band and I may just slump over asleep any second now. But I've been delinquent in blogging and I pledged to get an entry posted before the day was through.

Yesterday was a perfectly gorgeous Spring-like day with sunshine and 74 degrees. Today was gray, cold, blustery, and snowing, snowing, snowing. Southern girl that I am, I was none--too-pleased at the prospect of going out in it, but Stepdaughter #1 had a choral concert this afternoon at University of Denver, so I didn't indulge and stay home--I went to the concert.

Fortunately, the concert hall, which is about as fancy as any I've ever seen, with heaven-knows-how-many dollars having been poured into it, has super comfortable seats--we sat on the 3rd floor in the upholstered arm chairs they have lining the perimeter of the balcony--quite uptown. The best part is that we were the only ones on that level and our seats turned out to be exactly facing our girl for a perfect view. I had managed to open a door that we figured out had been supposed to be locked, and got in early, so we had the catbirds' seat(s). Very cool.

I have found myself very out of touch this weekend with what it is I'm normally so passionate about. I have felt really disconnected from higher truth and spirituality in general. Instead of freaking out, I'm just assuming that this is just a more pronounced experience of the standard cyclical thing. Instead of letting myself get upset about it, I have been pleased at how relaxed I've managed to stay even though it feels very strange. I think with attunements, both of the classes, and the teleseminar last week, I just burned myself out a bit. I loved being at such high frequency for so much of the time, but I think my ego self is just letting me know it needs equal time! I feel sure I'll be back in the groove tomorrow--I am doing an attunement and those always do the job!

It's sort of like the Spring-like day and then the deep winter again. 

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Rick said:

One additional side note to prove that we really were seeing the concert from an area where no one was meant to see it: I left our perch to go down to the main level to get two copies of the program. When I came back up, the door was locked!

So, back down into the main area of the concert hall I went. I walked over to the point where I was directly under where Julia was sitting, and called her name. She did not look over the railing, so I called again. No Julia. Finally, I dropped my attempt at maintaining any decorum and outright shouted.

She did look over the railing then, saw where I was, understood the problem, and she met me at the door to let me back in.

The acoustics of the hall are very good, and, as she told me, my calls from below sounded to her like they were coming from above her!

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