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Today was the last meeting of the Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life class. What a magical group! They were so bright and open and receptive and willing to grow and be vulnerable and contribute and put the teachings into action and all the things a spiritual teacher would put on her list of what an ideal class participant would be!

What an immense gift that group has been to me. Being in it has helped evolve me to a higher vibrational level and has helped me grow as a teacher as well. I believe I'm going have a reunion meeting of the class just as a followup in the next few weeks. And start a new class on this topic soon. One of the members, upon realizing it was the last meeting, practically screamed "OH NO!!!" which, of course, cracked everyone up. Lucky for her, she's in my other class that still has 3 more sessions to go!

It was a generally high-vibe day. After the class, I swam, and then ate last night's leftovers, which is my new favorite pasta dish: fettucini (brown rice pasta) with walnuts, tiny peas, parsley and goat cheese over Spring mix (with lots of virgin olive oil and garlic, naturally). It may sound weird to put pasta on top of lettuce, but this is great. The recipe I adapted it from called for arugula, but all I had on hand was Spring Mix, which included some arugula, and I really loved it. The sharpness of some of the lettuces made a nice counterpart to the roundness of the pasta, as did the goat cheese, also my adaptation. And I threw in the peas as a last minute inspiration--perfect!

The teleseminar was really, really fun. I had solicited advance questions this time, and answered them during the call. I got some great questions! And some challenging ones, at that. Apparently, I hit the mark at least mostly as I received feedback that I had. I need to listen to the recording of the call as I really went "out there" and don't remember much of what I brought through. I want to learn what *I* know! I do love that format. I was so relaxed this afternoon, when usually, I'm at least a bit stressed (good old ego) as I try to make sure I can't miss anything about the topic that needs to be shared. But tonight, instead of trying to focus on the one topic that I pulled out of thin air, there were lots of topics that I knew at least one person really wanted to know about, and I just focused on one at a time and said what came to me. I would like to do more and more of those.

As I type this, there's less than an hour and fifteen minutes left till February 27, 2008--my 54th birthday! I feel that my overall vibration is at an all-time high and that my life IS transformed! A great start to this year.

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Andrena said:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Very special blessings sent to you from me on your day.

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