Love: The Best Cosmetic

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In past entries, I've confessed my attraction to junk TV as an expression of my shadow, so I hope it won't come as a shock to you that I received the following revelation while watching The Real Housewives of New York City. In an episode I watched on Saturday, one of the housewives and her friend went to a doctor who specializes in non-surgical treatments designed to make one look younger. The housewife, "Ramona," who is quite a pistol, was extolling the virtues of keeping up with one's beauty regimen so as to continually look as young and attractive as possible. In my perception, however, despite all the time and money she spends on upkeep, she looks quite hard-edged and not as young as she may think she looks.

While she wears her hair in a youthful style and has a trim, attractive figure which she loves to show off with clothes designed for much younger women (much to the chagrin of her conservative, adolescent daughter), she seems to be missing the one thing that would truly bely her years. Now--I'm just as vain as most mortals, and while I religiously cleanse my face and slather on high-quality moisturizers and other potions to keep my skin in top condition and youthful-looking as possible, I know that my--and your--greatest beauty treatment is Love.

Love--Life Force Energy--is that which enlivens us and without which we not only age and deteriorate, we die. Now--I'm not saying Ramona isn't a loving being doing the best she knows how; that she's not having exactly the life experience that she needs to be having in order for God, All That Is, to have the experience of being Ramona, I'm just saying that allowing Love to flow does not seem a top priority for her at a conscious level. That, by the way, seems to be true for most human beings.

But if she--if we--were to make radiating Love unconditionally our top priority, not only would our vibrational frequency be higher and our lives more harmonious, we would look younger and younger! Think about it: when we are young, we look dewy and fresh because Life Force is flowing through us at optimal levels. We have not yet blocked the flow of Love/Life Force through letting ego reign. As we choose ego more and more, which automatically blocks, and thus, diminishes the flow of Love, we begin to age--tissue begins to deteriorate from a deficit of Life Force--and we look older. Over time, we are less and less enlivened until we are no longer able to sustain our bodies with the limited Life Force we're able to circulate, and the jig is up.

But what if, now that we're conscious and aware, we took part in the most powerful beauty and rejuvenation plan of all? What if we increased the Life Force/Love we're flowing through us? What if, instead of declining, we gained energy through choosing Love over ego more and more and more? I am quite sure it's the beauty treatment with more potential than any Park Avenue doctor will ever come up with! Hmmm...I wonder if I promote this idea if sheer vanity might propel otherwise unconscious people into consistently radiating Love for the amazing cosmetic benefits?

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Carol said:

Julia - Wow, I love the concept that real beauty, true beauty, youthful beauty . . . all beauty is actually and only Love expressed thru freely flowing Life Force! And what a great way to
bypass the ego's resistance to thinking there is
no benefit to allowing Love to have some of the control ;-).

Hi, Carol~

Thank you for your comments--it's fun to know there are others who "get" what I'm saying!

It IS cool to think that ego may finally have an irresistible motive to get on board the Love train, eh?!!!

Love and Joy,


Joan McClure said:

Yes, those Housewives make themselves unattractive (no matter what they do physically)
with their attitudes. They are pinching themselves off from who they Really are. Love.
Are they for real?


We are definitely on the same wavelength here.

About a year ago I started exploring the idea of "Youthening" using concepts such as you describe here. I'm in the process of developing a Youthening program for those who want some support and ideas in using love and accessing 'the quantum field' to change our physical appearance and age.

So wonderful to find a kindred spirit in you!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

I love that idea! I was once told my mission on Earth is to rejuvenate humanity. I looked at the woman who was channeling the message and thought she was a little crazy--not into teaching the youth-obsessed how to look younger. And then, a few years later, I figured it out. Not cosmetically, but from within--the cosmetic part happens as a natural result! Thanks for connecting--if you're on Facebook, please check out my page and join me there!

In Joy,


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