Spring again

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I'm back! And I think I need to commit to writing notes of things to blog about. I thought of so many things while I was away, and now that I'm finally in front of the keyboard, I'm drawing a blank.

My trip was great. I loved seeing everybody and the flora did not disappoint. It was a tiny bit past prime in Raleigh, but just as I predicted, the Spring show was in full force in Winston-Salem. I wish I'd been able to get a photo of the redbuds in bloom along I-40 between Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Mile after mile of redbuds mixed with wild dogwoods. Stunning!

I did get some pictures while I was in NC, and maybe my energy will have returned sufficiently for me to upload and share them soon! In fact, I'm sure it will.

I was struck by how wonderful it felt to go from one place to another and another where people were excited to see me--where I felt loved and treasured. I haven't managed to create that here in Denver (except with Rick and the girls), but in NC, that's what characterizes my visits. Of course, I'm sure that being on vacation and seeing these loved ones so infrequently is part of the magic, but whatever the case, I was really glad to get my tanks refilled! And Dad and I got along splendidly--that's really a milestone and one for which I am very grateful.

Today, while visiting the dentist and doing errands afterward, I was struck with a new appreciation for being here as well. It was a glorious Spring day and the trees around Denver are coming into bloom, too, and the people I encountered seemed friendlier than usual. I'm sure my vibration was drawing that to me. Ahhh, Spring! Ahhh, vacation aftermath! It's almost like having a Spring do-over. I may need to schedule another NC trip for next April...

My dear friend, Catherine, with whom I stayed in Winston-Salem, is a devotee of Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer," and she got me hooked. I've recorded a couple of his shows since I returned and have shared them with Rick. I can really feel a difference within myself from taking his approach of calm, assertive dominance. My relationship with our dogs is really excellent, but there are some things I know I have created from my own lack of energetic awareness. I'll be paying closer attention and making corrections. I love that he teaches that it's your own energy you have to manage in order to change the dogs' energy. He is a controversial figure, but I think the people that object to his methods just don't think in terms of energy and don't "get" him.

Okay. I'll write more when the fascinating topics I had thought about before re-present themselves to me. Meanwhile, I'm just glad to be settling back in.

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