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I received a letter yesterday that I was so gratified to receive, I thought I'd share it with you! When you read the first couple of lines, you may wonder why I was happy about it, but read on and you'll understand. In fact, reading beyond the first lines is what the letter is about...


Hi Julia,

I wanted to write you because I just finished your book "Recreating Eden" and wanted to share my thoughts.

I will admit at first it was hard to get into the book.  I felt like there was some resistance in me because much of your explanation on why we (ego-self) is separated from Source I already knew.  I found myself wanting to skip the first part of the book and dig right into the end. However, I stopped myself and realized that I don't know it all and as had happened other times in my life you might be able to offer a different perspective which might bring "ah ha" moments.  I am so glad I did!!!

You see I have studied the Law of Attraction for many years now.  Have read many books, seen many videos and put to practice some of the things I learned from them in my life...and yet I felt like I wasn't completely grasping these teachings. 

In your book I personally found the one thing that was missing for me.  You see for me, none of my other things I learned and had "tried" have brought many results because I was missing the KEY INGREDIENT!  Surrendering to my Spirit. 

Wow, you are so right! It is so EASY and yet so PROFOUND! Even as I was merely reading about it, I felt a shift in my energy.  I was relating different with my husband and children and just felt more Joyful.  Like a Child!

So I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and revelations with us readers of your book.  It has profoundly affected me.

I will see you in Eden!!!


Cool, huh?!

One of the things that has come up many times with Recreating Eden is that it appears to be so simple and people are so sure they already know what's in there, sometimes they don't read it fully from cover to cover. They are the ones that don't "get" it.

LaRessha just nailed that issue and demonstrated the reason why I wrote the following at the beginning of Chapter 2:  

"While you read this chapter, it will be helpful to keep an open mind (one of your most valuable evolutionary qualities) and suspend any preconceived ideas you may have. You can always reclaim them later if you want to! The following explanation may be vastly different than any you have considered before, or it may be somewhat familiar to you, but the concepts brought forth in this chapter are pivotal. Even if the information seems at first to be "old hat" to you, I believe you will find it expressed just enough differently to cause you to shift or expand your perception and see things in a new and helpful way.

By internalizing the information herein, you will gain the combination to open the Garden Gate!"

I do just love it when I hear from people who have allowed Recreating Eden's magic to work on them! By the way, I asked LaRessha for permission to use her letter and her reply was an enthusiastic "yes!" She said to feel free to use her message in any way I could to to promote the book because everyone needs the teachings in Recreating Eden!

Thanks, Ressh!

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