Magically mundane day in Easy World

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Yesterday seemed to be a particularly charmed day. It was a mundane day, but a mundane day in Easy World! For starters, there were about twice as many visitors to as usual--and for no overt reason that I could identify. I could see this shaping up in the morning when the count was where it might normally be in the evening on a regular day. Oh--wait a minute--it may have actually begun when I got up and made a freeing decision. Instead of continuing to stress about how I was going to fit in a swim plus eating so as to digest my food in time plus the many other things I wanted to get done before my 2:30 hair appointment as planned, I decided to skip the swim and just have an easy morning--but that's not the magic--the magic was that I decided not to feel guilty about it and stuck to my decision! Talk about freeing up some energy!

I got quite a bit of writing done before I left, got to my hair appointment and there was a parking space in exactly the right place for me (in past entries, I've described what a challenge parking there can be), and had a particularly good time with Jermayn, my hairdresser. While we usually enjoy our time together, for some reason, this time was just extra satisfying. She cut my hair very short, but the happy part about that is that eventually, she got the shape right, and at last, some things about how I want her to cut my hair finally clicked after 6 years of me trying to explain it with little success! I left feeling quite gratified.

After the hair appointment, I met Rick at home a bit after 5 pm, and we went to Costco--something we'd been trying to arrange for months--and that's not an exaggeration. Between coordinating our schedules, being sure there was enough cash in our checking account, making sure my knees were up for a long trek on the concrete, etc., it really did take a long time to work out. But yesterday, it all came together at last and with the greatest of ease! Miraculously, the store was not crowded, and that very reptilian vibe that is usually present was not, so it was actually pleasant. People were relaxed and friendly, and even the guy whose cart I couldn't manage to avoid hitting did not glare at me but apologized profusely for being in the way! We found a toaster oven, which we have needed for months (ours no longer had a working "toast" function) and had not found one that was just right, we got all the items on the list (plus some, of course!) and Rick found some chicken salad he thought would be good for dinner and then asked if I'd like some flowers (the man was batting a thousand yesterday!) costco tulips blue vase sm.jpg. Between the time we left for Costco and the time we got back, unpacked everything, repackaged some of the things, and stowed them away, and I had our chicken salad and raw veggie dinner ready (see photo) was under an hour and a half--record time for a Costco trip!

And the trend continued into the evening as I was able to write some more since there was no kitchen mess to clean up which has sometimes been known to create a detour from my writing. I do live in Easy World where everything is easy! Won't you join me?

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carol said:

I have always wondered what to call that particular vibe and you nailed it exactly, Julia. And yes, many a time I have stood in self-righteous judgment, happy to project it outside of me -- who me, reptilian ....never!!! -- but yes indeed, I have a body and a brain so I have my own inner serpent as well. Now I will have more empathy for myself and all the rest of us humans who, like it or not, have chosen to experience the "wonders" of duality. Thanks again for another insightful entry.

My pleasure, Carol! Nice to know you're reading what I write and even getting it! (grin)

Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to read my blog!

Love, Joy, Ease,


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