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Wednesday morning at 5:30, I woke up and was shivering. Not just ordinary shivers, but big convulsive ones, bordering on violent. I could not will them to stop, and even having Rick holding me (as best he could!) did not seem to make any difference, although it was comforting to have him there. Neither the sweater I put on nor the down comforter on the bed seemed to make a difference, and I just kept shivering. It was really scary.

After a bit, it occurred to me to send Rick to the other room to bring some Valor (an essential oil blend I thought might possibly help), but as he was on his way down the hall, I spotted my bottle of Release, another oil blend that I use for releasing emotional stuff--it always works like a charm for that--and since it felt like I was in the clutches of something that needed to release me, it seemed worth a try.

I was shaking so hard it was a bit of a challenge to unscrew the cap and put a drop in my hand, but happily, the lack of control I had over the shivering was not mirrored as a lack of control over my other functions. I rubbed my hands together, cupped them over my nose, inhaled deeply, and instantly, my shivering stopped. Instantly! After what seemed like forever of not being able to be still (but was probably a total of 15 minutes), my body relaxed the second I breathed in the aroma of Release. Thank goodness.

It's amazing how sore one can get from just 15 minutes of muscle tension! My stomach muscles were so sore, they were almost cramping. Fortunately, I had a prescription muscle relaxer in the medicine cabinet, and that helped me chill out and, eventually, go back to sleep. I took another one later in the day and that pretty much wiped me out till this morning (though I somehow managed to cook dinner for Stepdaughter #3 and her boyfriend and Rick and me last night). 

I did some research on what causes such shivering, and found several things that could be related. I think that I may have been dehydrated, and that, combined with being a bit chilled, and, perhaps, somewhat magnesium deficient--well, those factors may have been at the root of the problem. I don't want to look too deeply into this and find some horrible disease it might be a symptom of! Seems everytime I do that, I get worried and find out later it was not the scary thing at all and I spent time in fear and at a lower vibration for nothing!

So I've been paying close attention to my hydration and magnesium intake, plus the weather has warmed up again so there's no chill in the air, and all has been well. Fingers are crossed! I am so very, very grateful for Release!

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