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Nine years ago today, on a hilltop in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, friends and family gathered to witness the nuptials of  Rick and Julia. And what an enchanted day it was! As we were saying our vows, turtledoves were cooing in the background; as we left the wedding site, an elk was grazing on the roadside; during the reception, the Blue Angels flew over (while I know it was truly for us, ostensibly, it was for the Air Force Academy graduation that day); and after all was said and done and we were back home preparing for our honeymoon, it rained briefly and a double rainbow ended the day.

That was the day I also "married" Rick's four beautiful daughters--giving them each a rose quartz heart and promising to always be their friend and to have their best interests at heart. They were a bonus I never expected when dreaming of the marriage I hoped for someday. I love them so much and am so blessed they are a part of my life.

While the last nine years have not been without challenges, the promising omens were accurate. Our marriage has been a great blessing. I could not ask for a partner more thoroughly invested in me and our marriage than Rick. All the years--19 of them between my divorce from my first husband until my wedding to Rick--of holding out and waiting for the right man--paid off in spades.

I awoke this morning to a dozen red roses, a perfect anniversary card, and a heartfelt letter from Rick. Perhaps even more special is something that happens on a regular basis: Rick bringing up my clean laundry from the basement (which he washed and dried) and saying "no need to hurry to put it away--I'll spread it out for you so it doesn't wrinkle." Now that, my friends, is love and devotion. For that and so many other ordinary gifts I could not possibly list them all, I appreciate my sweet husband so much, but more than that, I appreciate him for always being so present with me--for being my very best friend--and my never having to wonder if he loves me--loves us!

Tonight, we're going to dinner at Flagstaff House in Boulder. It's on a cliff overlooking the foothills--not in the same area as our wedding, but I'm excited to be there and feel that magical mountain energy. No--not the same location, but the two hearts celebrating will be the same, and that's the real magic!

P.S. Last night, Stepdaughter #1 (to my right in the photo above) had her senior recital as part of her graduation requirement as a vocal performance major at the University of Denver. It was glorious to watch her in her element, every bit a woman now, with an angelic voice and so much to offer the world! I'm sure Rick will be posting video of her recital at some point, but till then, you can see last week's performance of Into the Woods with Aubrie (yes, she has a name!) as Cinderella on Rick's blog.

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