The Daughter-In-Law Rules

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A charming young author, Sally Shields, approached me to help promote her book 6 months ago (she was getting a jump-start--the campaign is today!), and I told her I wouldn't be sending out a mailing for it as the topic wasn't really a match for the focus of my list. I did tell her, however, that I would mention it on my blog on her special day, May 6. So now I am!

Check out all the bonuses available when you buy
The Daughter-In-Law Rules today, May 6. I haven't read all of it (you can read lots of reviews on Amazon), but from the bit I did read, it's a fun, clever, and helpful book, and with all the weddings coming up, it might just be the shower gift of the season!

And I do love that she is donating 15% of her profits to
Much Love Animal Rescue.

Good luck, today, Sally!

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