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Last night we attended Stepdaughter #4's choral concert at her high school. I needed an end seat because of my knees, but the problem with that is, to get one, you need to arrive fairly early. But if you arrive early, you then have to stand up over and over to let people fill the rest of the row, and that is not fun for me with the knee stuff. So I have taken to letting Rick save my seat for me while I wait in the lobby for the row to fill before popping in and sitting down in my end seat at the last minute.

I had 2 cool experiences doing that last night. First off, I needed a seat in the lobby to wait, but there were none available on the side where I needed to be. So I simply chose Easy World and went ahead to the ladies' room with the thought, "the people in the two comfy chairs nearest the door to the auditorium will leave just as I come out of the bathroom." Would you believe that's exactly what happened? (And no, I didn't say it out loud, give them a dirty look, or otherwise overtly influence them!) Gotta love Easy World!

Next, as I was sitting there in one of the 2 armchairs, I was aware of being somewhat ignored by the many people passing by on their way into the auditorium. Those who looked at me did so with a complete lack of interest--women, men, kids--no connection. I like connecting with people! Now, I've told you before that in my youth, my looks got me quite a lot of attention, and so it is an odd sensation to no longer command second glances. Between my age and my weight, they just don't happen that much anymore. So as I sat there, just as a lark, I employed the technique my friend, Elizabeth, shared with me long ago.

I pretended I had on a tee-shirt that said, "I am gorgeous and absolutely irresistible!" And I felt that! Not even one full minute after "putting on my tee-shirt," a really handsome man who appeared to be in his early-to-mid-forties walked right up to me and said, in a mildly flirtatious manner, "What are you doing sitting out here by yourself?" Then, he introduced himself, and asked if he might keep me company, helping himself to the other armchair next to me! Of course, I said "yes," and explained why I was waiting outside the theater.

As it dawned on him I was married and that my husband was saving my seat inside, his enthusiam cooled only slightly (after all, I had put no boundaries on my gorgeousness and irresistiblity!) and he continued to chat a bit. I am sure I was grinning from ear-to-ear--not so much because I had attracted a handsome guy with my "shirt," (and really--I wasn't actually looking to attract a man--anyone would have been fine!) but because I realized just how powerful we are as creators, and how little power those things we consider limitations are when we decide to transcend them! WE are creating our realities. What a novel thought! (grin) How cool is that?!

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