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I woke up this morning feeling less than spectacular (inflammed, swollen joints and a sore throat), and after awhile of trying to figure out what I needed to do and feeling overwhelmed and confused and a bit stymied about how to proceed with my day, I remembered to surrender it to Spirit, and shortly thereafter, just felt drawn outdoors.

I immediately pulled one of the patio chairs out into the middle of the yard and sat there soaking in the sunshine and allowing the strong breeze to blow away whatever was in my energy field that didn't belong there (or at least, that's what I imagined was occurring). It was a blustery day of bright cobalt blue skies--about 70 degrees--and I felt the healing properties of the sun pentrating through my skin and eyelids. I felt much better within about 30 seconds. I stayed like that for probably 5 minutes, completely free of sunscreen, sunglasses or any of the things we've been taught we HAVE to have to protect us from the sun.

Something about those "rules" about sun protection just strike me as just more on the vast list of things that we're taught to believe that are totally backward and out of alignment with the truth and with our true animal natures. I felt 100% better from just sitting in the sun. How could the sun be bad for us? There is God-Consciousness in sunlight! Oh, sure--I know the supposedly scientific arguments and the stats on skin cancers, etc., and the theories about the ozone layer, and that descendents of Nordic folks didn't evolve to have a healthy response to the sun, etc. Yes-- if I'm going to be out in the sun for hours without a solid base of a tan, sure, I'll slather on some sunscreen--I know how it feels to sleep with a sunburn--or to try to! But the human mind is so highly suggestible, do you think there's a chance that a big part of our paranoia about the sun is just that? We empower what we focus on, and in the last 30 years, we've had suntan-lotion companies, pharmaceutical companies, and their trainees, the physicians, pounding it in our brains about how dangerous the sun is, so we manifest accordingly...Okay--enough of the rant.

So, after my brief sunbath, I felt called to look around the garden and see how things were growing (before, I hadn't even felt much like moving). In the first place I looked, I spotted new sprouts of purslane! My first instinct was to pluck a sprig and pop it in my mouth. So delicious! Tender, spicy, tart, and so fresh and full of life force! Then I picked and consumed another and another. I know that purslane is super healthy, though the only specific I remembered at that moment is that it is the highest plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Here is a somewhat blurry shot of purslane in my garden where the mulch needs to be replaced:

purslane.jpg After I came back in and Googled it, my memory was refreshed that there are few, if any, things better for inflammation than Omega 3s! Indeed, I felt better after the purslane. (Most folks nowadays see purslane as just a weed to be dealt with in their gardens, but purslane has been valued for centuries for it's treasure- trove of health compounds, and it's making a resurgence in upscale restaurants as a gourmet green. Before you toss it out as a weed, do some research on it and you may change your mind!)

It just thrills me to be reminded so clearly that Spirit is always ready to guide me easily, naturally and gently to exactly what I need when I remember to allow myself to be receptive and just flow.

Yes, God-Self, I trust you!

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Teresa Albright said:

Julia, As usual your blog entry is "on target" with stuff I've been thinking about. Just this very morning, I awoke not feeling well. I remembered to get quiet and just ask. (So often, I forget to ASK for the information I need!) I immediately got a feeling about the cause of it, and some action steps that I needed to take. Amazingly, I found that by just getting up and taking the beginning steps toward that goal helped the pain itself! I love how intention works. And, I appreciate that pain is an indicator. When the message is received, often the pain is no longer necessary.

"Life is Grand!"

With love, Teresa

Glad you stopped by, Teresa! It's lovely sharing the wavelength with you.

I do appreciate that pain lets us know when we are out of alignment and helps us to get back, but if it's okay with you, let's share the pain-free wavelength from now on! ;-)


Teresa said:

Oh boyyyyyy do I ever hear ya on that one! I'm absolutely all for it. Now.. it's just a matter of remembering that there is an easier way. Sometimes I slip back into my old ways, but not as much as before, and less than I will in the future!

I just think it is so cool that change seems to be happening more easily. In my case yesterday morning, when I became engaged with mySelf, the pain subsided. In the past, that might have meant days of recovery. Yesterday, it was minutes. Tomorrow, who knows? But for now I am just grateful for it all... including sharing wavelengths with YOU!

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