Guilt-free, garden, graduation, & gotcha!

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I guess I've been delinquent again--no blog entry in more than a week! Pausing now to convince myself not to feel guilty...okay! Whew. I'm guilt-free. Guilt is not at all productive.

I'm posting photos to show you where I've been spending my spare time--at least the portion of it when I haven't been exhausted to the point of lying, catatonic, on the daybed.
I did my finish-up plant shopping this week--you know--when you have things mostly together but you just need to get a few more annuals to accent things, and replace any perennials that did not make it to perform another year.

Today, I put some of the last of the plantings in the ground and in pots--only a few more to go, including something for the urn in the area behind the cafe table and chairs. I'm feeling quite pleased with how it's shaping up (The blue obelisk, which normally belongs in the fence border to the right of the pot of yellow pansies, just to the left of the rose bush with the peachy blooms, is out of place--I bought spray paint to re-coat it but haven't gotten that done yet. It's falling apart so I can only move it judiciously, so even though it offends my aesthetic to have it in the wrong spot in the photo, I don't dare move it until I have to!):

Garden June 8 new gaura sm.jpg  

cafe table corner garden June 8 sm2.jpgThe garden was seriously tidied up Wednesday because Stepdaughter #4 finally came over and spent a few hours pulling weeds, etc., in service to retiring her debt from last summer when she borrowed money to go to Minnesota for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. It hasn't always been easy to get her over here to garden, but boy, when she gets to work, she is Miss Productive! That girl can really work. Fortunately for me, she's going to need money for this summer's trip to Minnesota...

This week also brought Stepdaughter #1's college graduation. It called for getting up waaaaaaaay too early for this night owl (we had to be there by 8:45 a.m.), but I made it--and more importantly, so did she! She's the selfsame one who had the senior recital and reception week-before-last. I'm excited to see her adult life unfold--with all she has to offer the world, I am positive it will a fabulous adventure, and certainly, never boring! Here we are after the event:

Aubrie and Julia DU graduation sm.jpg

And finally, this day, six years ago, I picked our girl dachshund, Lilah, up in Texas, where she was born. Her Auntie Barb (my friend who lives in Dallas, but who, at the time, I only knew via an online dachshund message board) was so wonderful to come to the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport to get me, and drive me 3 hours and back to get her, and then host us for the night at her home. Barb has always remembered Lilah's "Gotcha Day" with a surprise in the mail, and this year was no exception. A large package of gourmet dog cookies arrived yesterday and the poosers are loving them--they smell so good, I'm even tempted! Here is Lilah in the garden today--not really wanting to have her picture snapped, but I managed to capture her anyway. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Lilah Jane!

Lilah gaura crop sm2.jpg

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