Summer has sprung

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Argh. The first day of summer has arrived and I still have not gotten a Spring newsletter done! I can't remember if I already confided that I'd decided to make it a Spring-Summer combined issue this time. Funny--a day or so ago, I came up with exactly the right topic for my greeting letter, complete with cool insights, and it is so relevant to what I did today (supervising Stepdaughter #4 in cleaning and organizing our [now] formerly grungy, chaotic patio in summery heat), I'm kind of wanting to share it here and now. But I won't. I'll save it, because maybe the eagerness to share it will get me to get on with writing it and completing the newsletter, which has been in progress for months!

I'm thinking the least effective approach would be to force myself to finish the newsletter, just cranking out something uninspired just to get it out. I do normally love creating the newsletter, but this time, I'm just wanting to spend time completing the Easy World book instead. So why don't I just skip the newsletter then? If you look on the
newsletter page, I've put out a newsletter every quarter since Autumn of '04, and I just don't want to see Spring '08 be totally unaccounted for. We'll see...

A quick update on Dad--after spending till today in the hospital in Grand Rapids, having had surgery on Tuesday, Dad was transported by "ambucab" (a wheelchair-accessible van with a couple of paramedics to drive/attend) to a rehab facility in the small town that the cottage is just on the outskirts of. He's doing well, though my sister Linda said after the fabulous hospital experience, he was disappointed with the rehab center. He's having to share a room, and as Rick said, that may be the best motivation to get all better fast! I'm just glad he's made it this far and is healing apace. And so appreciative that Linda has been by his side through it all. I know she must be glad to be at the cottage after being in the hospital's family accommodations since Sunday night, however wonderful they were.

I keep thinking I'll have something profound to blog about...but...not so much! I guess I'm saving all that for the newsletter. Be on the lookout for it...but don't hold your breath! Oh--just a reminder of this Tuesday's free teleseminar which is "
Being of Authentic Spiritual Help to Others." If you're on my email list (you can sign up just to the left of this blog entry, or on any page of ) you will receive the access info the day of the call. Hope you can make it!

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