The power of the current vs. the power of intention

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Toward the end of my session in the pool today, I had a funny and instructive experience. I was vigorously swimming the crawl against the current (I have an Endless Pool, which is "a treadmill for swimmers"), and I realized that when I'd switched from backstroke to crawl, I had inadvertantly turned the current up so high it was a challenge for me to keep up, even though I was swimming as fast as I could. I wanted to swim faster, but my arms felt they were at their max of effort, so I contemplated stopping to turn the current down. Then I had the thought, "Instead of trying harder, I will simply intend to move forward faster."

So I projected my consciousness towards the end of the pool where the current is generated, willing myself to get there despite the powerful resistance the current created.

"Wow! This is
amazing!" I thought, as I instantly surged ahead, almost smashing into the grill of the current generator!

Then I realized that I hadn't exactly propelled myself so powerfully as to overcome the current--the current was gone! Turns out, the timer that automatically shuts the motor off after a half hour had triggered it to stop. I hadn't realized I'd been at it that long, so I never factored that in. I guess you just never know how your intention will be served! While I had been thinking it would make me swim faster, I had only strongly focused on getting to the end of the pool, and that's exactly what happened!

So, what is the lesson in this? It could be that your focused intention is always followed by success and that the Universe/your Spirit will arrange itself to create it--even ahead of your intending. Or, it could be that you must be very specific that your stated intention matches what you really desire--probably both. I may even think of more as time passes. At any rate, it was one of those incidents that was too, too well-synchronized to have been random--you know, the kind that makes you feel that your Spirit is a master teacher with a really well-honed sense of humor!

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