Celebrate your freedom this 4th of July!

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fireworks sm.jpgFor those of us in the U.S., this holiday, "Independence Day," commemorates the July 4th, 1776 breaking away of the original American colonies from the British Crown and the establishment of a democracy with all the outer freedoms that confers. That's history. And I'm grateful. I'm grateful to the brave men and women who stood up and followed their convictions to create the remarkable experiment in freedom we call the United States of America. I'm truly thankful to live in a country where I can write about personal empowerment and eschewing external authority to honor only the true authority within, and no one is likely to haul me off to prison for it.

But that is looking at freedom from the common consensus reality. What I'd like to suggest we celebrate today, in addition to the overt freedoms we enjoy, is our inner freedom to create our experience in any way that we desire. We forget we have that creative power, but it is always present nonetheless, and we're always using it, either on purpose or by default--usually, the latter. (But I am working on that!) We are the creators of our experience and we are free to box ourselves in, or to step out of the box. We are free to create such realistic holograms that we believe the economy is going to hell and that the food supply is evaporating and that gasoline is so expensive we need to restrict our movement and that we are helpless to change it. But we are also free to create it differently. How? However we desire!

We are free to focus our attention wherever we wish and know that the Life Force to enliven the reality we're focused into will follow and bring it to life in a greater way in our experience. Even if we have created the scenario where our outer freedoms have been diminished, we can absolutely create that differently, too, by our focus, beliefs and passion. I believe we are absolutely unlimited. We are not the victims we have been pretending to be--victims of big business, victims of government, victims of a secret conspiracy, victims of the so-called "powers that be." We created all that and we can create it differently. WE are the powers that be! Always.

Sure--it's your absolute right as a free entity--as a focal point of the Consciousness of All That Is--to invest your Life Force in that which you do not desire, but consider that it is your right--and privilege as Creator--to exercise your inner freedom to create what you do desire, including greater outer freedoms, prosperity, peace and joy!

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

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