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This morning, I remembered to choose Easy World only a few seconds after I woke up, and thank heaven, I did! If I hadn't, I might not have been able to turn down the invitation into the depths of Difficult World that was soon to be issued to me.

You see, before having my own breakfast (something that usually wakes me up), I was in the midst of feeding the dogs (who have Wellness kibble for breakfast and Northwest Naturals frozen raw food for dinner). I had just scooped out their portions and was replacing the kibble bin in the closet, when I somehow managed to bump something and drop the bin. Oddly, it flipped over and landed on its lid, but not before the lid came off in mid-air and kibble went flying. When I picked up the bin, though I did  it very carefully, even more kibble escaped, and there was dog food all over the floor.

I managed to keep the two furry beasts at bay until I had managed to sweep most of the food up, but I was really glad I had not yet fed them so I could let them do the rest of clean up for me. They did an admirable job, too. They found pieces I could not even see, and scoured the floor under the baker's rack which was obscured from my view.  Lilah has been practically standing on her head all day trying to get under the refrigerator to get the pieces that skittled under there and must be lodged since my stick trick didn't work to free them.

Anyway--and if you're a morning person, you may not understand this--but the miracle for me was that I not only did not get upset, angry, or otherwise bent out of shape, I stayed placid--even amused--and simply handled the situation methodically and calmly. Normally, if something potentially challenging like that occurred first thing in my morning, I would succumb to the dark side, and at least half my day would be soured because of some dumb thing I just wasn't able to handle in my semi-alert, not-long-out-of-bed state. But not this morning! I had a happy morning and a grand day altogether. And I owe it all to choosing Easy World.

I need to replace the Easy World Good Morning poster I used to have in the bathroom. Since the bathroom got remodeled in September, it's been missing, and I have not been consistent with saying the Easy World mantra ("I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy") first thing in the morning since. If you haven't printed out your own poster to help you start your day in Easy World, you can go to the freebies page and take your choice! It just might help you keep your cool if you spill a 5-gallon bin of kibble or have any of the other challenges that could derail  your day if you let it!

Speaking of Easy World, mark your calendar now for July 29, the date of my next free teleseminar which will be "
Easy World, the Place to Be," a review for longtime EW fans, and an intro for EW newbies. I will also be sharing new insights about Easy World and taking your questions during the last 20 minutes of the hour. I hope you will join us! (To receive an email with access details, be sure you're on my email list no later than the day before, which will be July 28).

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