Easy World sells itself!

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There is so, so much to share, and yet I find myself needing to take a bit of a break for now, so I'll just hit the highlights. It's been an emotional time...

I was offered a book deal with a major publisher yesterday, and I accepted it today!

Yes--the editor I spoke about earlier, the one who called me a bit over a week ago and said she hoped we'd be talking again really soon--was able to convince the other powers-that-be at her company that my book and I were worth taking a risk on! Because, in their eyes, I had "no platform," (they're not very Internet-focused or they'd probably see what I have achieved as being more substantial--I guess they prefer someone with a Ph.D. who has been making the rounds doing talks on their topic for years with a 100,000 people on their mailing list!) it was a challenge for her to get this lined up, but she did, and now she is very excited about it. The power of Easy World sold itself despite the author's supposed shortcomings! (I will say she did tell Lisa, my agent, that I am terrific even as she was explaining the lack of platform issue! So she's a very bright woman...<g>)

Thus, my advance is not what I had hoped for--I had wanted enough money to hire a publicist and spend on a lot of other stuff to promote the book but I guess this just means that I won't be needing money for that stuff! I will have to get creative (no problem!) and use the money shrewdly, AND it also means an even more dramatic EW story is in the works! Heck--this is the Easy World book, and it's already proven it can get major things done with ease! (Agent? Check! Publisher? Check!) It will be fun to see how it creates a major impact with a minor budget!

Please plan to buy Choosing Easy World to give all your friends and family. Just kidding! Okay--no I'm not!

Anyhoo, I can't sign the contract yet as the editor left this afternoon for vacation till September 2. Then, I'll give you all the details.

For now, even though I have some more great Easy World synchronicities to share (am loving working with Lisa Hagan--she so gets EW!), and some adorable video to share of the pups watching the mice play, I'm just going to sign off and go to bed. I've got a book to finish writing and I need my rest!

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