The Power of Giving

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There's a special book promotion going on today for The Power of Giving. Why is this extra-special? Because, in the spirit of the book's theme, the authors, Harvey McKinnon and Azim Jamal, are donating all their royalties to charity!

I was asked to participate in spreading the word about this book by sending out emails to my list, but since I was already sending out info on the new Abraham-Hicks book in August, I declined. But I did say I would blog about it. I will confess that, while I've skimmed it, I have not yet hunkered down to read the book. I know, however, from my own experience that giving freely is like priming the abundance pump! (All those wealthy philanthropists aren't just bleeding hearts--they understand and are comfortable with participating in all aspects of flow!) And that giving without expectation--with no strings attached--is one of the most powerful frequency-raising techniques you can employ!

Anyhoo, here is some of the promotional info I was given to share with you. I won't put it all here, because you can go to
and read all about it.

** What you will learn from The Power of Giving ** 

In The Power of Giving you'll discover the dramatic benefits to you when you become a better giver:
* how giving will improve your relationships    
* how to live to your potential    
* how to find more meaning and happiness    
* how to discover what you can give    
* when to give   
 * when not to give    
* giving hope    
* giving what you need most   
 * and much more... 

** This book gives you practical tools and exercises showing you **    

* where to give    
* why to give   
 * who needs your help    
* how much to give 

You'll also automatically help nonprofits when you buy this book. All author royalties will go to nonprofits - from today, until the book goes out of print (hopefully never). 

When you buy copies of this book you'll:     

* enhance your personal life.    
* help spread the giving message.    
* help contribute to the goal of $500,000 donated to charities. 

** Why are we giving away all of our royalties? ** 

This book is all about giving. In the spirit of giving Azim and Harvey decided to give their royalties to good causes.

When you buy The Power of Giving today, August 19, you will be eligible to receive lots of great bonuses. You can read about them at There's even a money-back guarantee on the book if you're not inspired!


After you buy and read The Power of Giving, I would love to get  your feedback on it!

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