Hey--where's that agastache?

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I am amazed and impressed with myself. I am about 3/4 of the way finished with organizing my new office. The bookcases, which were, in my mind, the linchpin of the operation, are going to need to be altered to fit in the door before I can use them, but somehow I managed to sort out a whole lot of stuff without them. I set up new files in the file drawers in my "new" desk, and have filed stuff that had been in chaos for years and years. Feels so good! I must be getting ready for some great stuff...<grin>

This morning, Rick and I sat outside for a long time, sipping our morning cuppa, shooting the breeze, and watching the wildlife and the not-so-wild life (Roly and Lilah) in our garden. Two hummingbirds--the first to arrive this season--showed up, much to our excitement, looking for our normally huge and voluptuous agastaches, (also known as Sunset Hyssops) which no longer exist. They lived out their lifespan and had to be replaced this year, but the new ones are still quite small with only a few blooms at this point. It was kind of humorous to see the little birds, who only come to Denver on their way back and forth to the mountains, zip up to where the big plants used to be, look confused, fly off, come immediately back, hover for a few seconds, check around the area, like a tourist trying to find McDonald's listed on their GPS but that been torn down and hadn't been rebuilt yet. "Hey--this place was in the guide and had 5 stars! This is exactly where it is suppoed to be--do YOU see the restaurant, Harry?"

(You can see photos of hummers and agastaches-past here at this link.)

I hope they understood me when I told them to come back next year and the plants would be big and full of blooms just as their navigation system had promised! Meantime, I won't feel as cheated to leave the garden to go to Michigan in September when the hummers would usually flock to our garden.

Another "eating from the garden" story is Roly's. Dang him. He keeps getting into the tomatoes, even though there's a wire fence around them. He's heart-of-my-heart, but good grief! He's incorrigible, and I can't watch him every minute he's outside. He loves to lay out in the sun, and that's what he acts like he's going to do when I first let him outside, but  when I turn my back, he knocks off a bunch of tomatoes. One evening, he got stuck in the fence and we caught him trying to run to the house in a panic, wearing the fence! Thankfully, Rick got him loose before he hurt himself. Another time, I didn't actually catch him in the tomatoes, but the fence was pulled away and was perpendicular to where it had been set up. He looked quite innocent that time--he isn't very savvy about being sure not to leave evidence. So, we're going to buy some better fencing tomorrow, as I need my tomatoes. You really don't want to come between me and my Sweet 100s!

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