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Not trying to be crass here by talking money--I'm just gobsmacked, as the Brits would say, at my earnings from last month from Holy Tea Club! $731.00! And I hardly did anything to earn it other than just talk about the tea on my blog and include a little soft-sell Holy Tea ad simply linking to my blog entries about the tea in my teleseminar mailings. Oh--and I did have a Holy Tea article in my Spring-Summer 2008 newsletter. All easy. Very, very easy. Stuff I was simply inspired to do. People just "get" that this is a powerful, gentle and, yes, easy-to-use tool for internal cleansing, and they seem to immediately know they want to try it. Once they start using it, most keep it up because the results are so immediate and profound. The longer you drink it, the more layers of toxicity you release. I know I expect to be drinking this tea as long as I'm in a human body!

As you may recall, I had asked for an Easy World way to make money, and the next day, "coincidentally," I signed up as a Holy Tea distributor because I wanted to get my tea, which I'd been drinking for a couple of months, at wholesale. I didn't set out to do this as a money-making thing as I have had many more MLM disappointments than successes and, frankly, am too busy for another job. I just didn't want the hassle. But since it cost nothing to join, there's no obligation, and it meant I'd get the tea cheaper even if I did nothing with the business, it just made sense to sign up.

Somehow, this started taking off by itself, with the help of the free website the company provides each distributor, and the next thing I know, I'm 8 months into it and making a substantial chunk of change--my income with Holy Tea has approximately doubled each month! Amazing for something you've not worked hard for. But that's the way it is in Easy World. No "hard work" allowed. Simply take inspired action only and allow the magic to happen! You can do this, too-- with Holy Tea, or anything else you feel drawn to.

I'm almost feeling a little guilty about how little I've done to earn the money. I sure need to let go of that old-paradigm stuff in a hurry. I live in Easy World where everything is easy!

For more on my--and others'--experiences with Holy Tea, visit my February 23, 2008 blog entry.

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