Loved Back to Life

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Amy Crowell has lived a fascinating life. No--make that several fascinating lives--in one lifetime! From a seriously dysfunctional childhood where her father encouraged her to drink beer at age five and forced her to appear naked in front of a living-room-full of guests in her teens, to serious drug and alcohol abuse and a stint in prison in young adulthood, and much more, she has more experiences on the shadow side than most of us can fathom living through. But she is a survivor who managed to rise above with the determination to shine a light on the path out of addiction for others.

She tells about it all in her powerful new book, Loved Back to Life: Everything Everyone Needs to Know About Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. I know about Amy's book because she asked me to participate in her campaign to spread the word about the book. Since the subject matter is not in close alignment with my message, and since I'd already committed to participating in another campaign this week, I told her I would blog about it instead of sending a mailing. From the advance copy she sent me, one message is loud and clear: No matter how lost you become--and believe me, this young lady was lost-- you can always find your way back to yourSelf.

After a lifetime of alcholism and self-defeating behavior, Amy has now been sober for 20 years and is a motivational speaker and an expert on drug/alcohol addiction and recovery. She teaches high school in Dallas, and is zealous about educating young people about the dangers of substance abuse. Her book is an inspiration and even though the issues she has dealt with have not been a part of my life, I found it fascinating. For those in relationships with loved ones who are substance addicted, it may just be the inspiration you've been looking for!

For more info on Amy's book and for a list of the bonuses you'll receive when you buy it today, August 12, visit:

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