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Here is the photo I'll be using from now till time to change again. (There is one I like even more, but I'm saving it for Choosing Easy World's book cover!) I've been wanting a picture with a Lake Michigan backdrop for a long, long time, and serendipitously, my sister, Ann, was at the lake when we were, and was happy to do a photo shoot with me. 

For most purposes, like the home page, I'll just use the face, but in other situations, I'll use the whole thing like you see it here:


Julia med.jpgThis feels much better to me--more honest (though, of course, there is a little Photoshopping involved!). The old picture


Julia Rogers Hamrick sm.jpg

was flattering but there were a couple of things that bothered me about it. One, is that I wasn't fully smiling and felt it might be less inviting, and two, I don't look like that anymore! I have gained quite a bit of weight and added 4.5 years since then. And, while I'd rather be slimmer, I'm not ashamed of that!

My intention for the new photo was to look like a fun, happy person you'd like to spend time with. I hope that's the way you feel when you look at it! I like the natural light in it, too--Rick thought I needed to kill some of the bright gold of the sunlight, but I love that, so I didn't. Thanks to my sister, Ann Salisbury, for her fabulous photography! (She's a professional and quite amazing artist as you will see when you click on her name, and she is very talented with the camera as well, which, I think is evident in my photo.)

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