Good morning, little mouse!

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Christina holding tail.jpgJust taking a quick break from my writing to share this photo from this morning. I found the mice sleeping in the piece of a papier mache bottle-packing device that I put in their cage yesterday. They LOVE anything paper or cardboard (or derivations thereof) like TP tubes, etc., to play with and turn into habitat, and they love to find nooks to snuggle into. The papier mache thingy has been wildly popular.

Before I could snap the photo of them sleeping, Christina woke up and grabbed the tail of Britney. Or was she holding it in her sleep? Is it her security object? Anyway, it's a cute picture of our smallest, prettiest and shyest mouse.

The writing is going great as long as I stay in Easy World (duh!). I've spent time out of it when the task has seemed overwhelming and that's not been much fun. The cool thing is that whenever I just invoke EW and get myself back there, solutions pop up and I move through the blocks with ease and speed. I will never write another book without being in Easy World to do it! Good grief--I'll never try to live life without Easy World!

Here is a little blurb or 2 from the chapter I'm currently working on (so that this blog entry will have a little redeeming value besides the cute mouse photo!):

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Remember this when you are up against a DW meme: Easy World does not follow the Difficult World "rules."


No matter what is going on in Difficult World, and no matter how much time you're spending there, Easy World is still operating on your behalf to bring your intentions to fruition. However, in order to reap the benefits and experience the magic, you have to be there.

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