Gratitude works!

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I've been working a lot lately, what with writing the book and getting out my Autumn newsletter, which I emailed to Tony to format last night/this morning around 2 a.m. I didn't turn my light off till 2:30, so I wasn't planning to get up early this morning--I figured if I slept till 10:30, that would give me 8 hours, so that was my plan. I was awakened at 9:00, however, by my white noise machine--or, rather, by the stopping of it. The power had gone out.

Having recently been through this same scenario, I had the drill down--pull my laptop out of the docking station and shut it down, call Rick at his office to see if it's a widespread problem (it wasn't), then go call Xcel Energy and report the outage. Oh, yeah--then, let the dogs out and feed them. THEN, because there's nothing I could really get done without electricity, and because I needed the sleep, I got out my travel white noise machine, put in some batteries, cranked 'er up, and the pups and I crawled back in bed. I left my bathroom light switch in the "on" position so that I'd be able to tell when the power came back on.

I snuggled in, closed my eyes, and willed myself to sleep. But even though I was tired and sleepy, I couldn't relax. I just felt jumpy. Thoughts of not being able to work on the newsletter with Tony today intruded. (While there's no critical reason to get it out tomorrow, I just want to check it off my list and get back to working on the book.) I started thinking about how vulnerable we, who depend on the power grid, are. I started thinking about how I wanted to create it so that our next home at least had a back-up system, or how it might be best if we were off the grid entirely. I thought about how chilly it is outside, and wondered if the power would come back on before the house got cold--if not, what to do with the Three Mousketeers so they wouldn't suffer?

Then, I caught myself, spinning trouble out of nothing. I reminded myself that right NOW, we were warm, we had everything we needed, and we were extremely comfortable in our 600-thread count sheets, on our cushy mattress topper, under the down comforter. 

Then, I was suddenly seized with the idea to offer gratitude for the power coming back on. So I laid there, eyes closed, facing the bathroom door, and said--and felt-- "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the power coming back on!" At the very instant I said "on," the light in the bathroom came on! I could see it through my closed eyelids! Wow.

One of the articles in the newsletter includes info. on the power of gratitude to change your vibrational level, and, thus, your reality. I'll say! Gotta love getting reinforcement! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Spirit, for such a "powerful" example!

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