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Well--I'm making great progress on the book, but not making time for much else. Apologies for not updating my blog more frequently. That will all change in January once the manuscript has been turned in. I'm very happy with how it's shaping up, but there's still a ways to go. I think you'll agree when you finally get to read it that Choosing Easy World was worth least I hope so!

It's bitterly coRick at zero sm.jpgld here tonight--it's 15 below zero out at the airport, but our thermometer on the back patio is registering -1 at present. As you can see from this wacky photo of my insane, sparsely clad husband and the thermometer, it was +2 at 6:00 pm when he was lighting the fire in the grill.  And, no, he was not drunk! The man is just always warm--I call him my "hot man"--and according to family lore, it's been that way since he was a little kid. He did not have much padding back then--he was quite a skinny child. Anyhoo--he was outside like that for about 5 minutes. Crazy.

Here is a little snippet from the chapter I'm polishing up tonight:

"One of the blessings of Easy World you will probably discover right away is that Easy World allows you to be your Self. In fact, you might even say it demands that you be. It not only allows you to align with your own natural preferences, desires and energy, and gives you permission not to be or do what anyone else thinks you ought to be or do, it requires it.

When you base your thoughts and actions on anything other than your own divine guidance system, you automatically leave Easy World. When you deny your own pleasure and joy, you are automatically out of Easy World. When you try to be anyone but the authentic you, you are not in Easy World. Honoring your Self is a big part of being in Easy World because that is how you stay aligned with the Design for Harmony."

Stay warm, everybody! (Of course, you Aussies who are in the midst of summer, stay cool!)

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Tony said:

This is a little too crazy, even for me. I used to barbecue year round, but now that I'm back in Minnesota, I find I have to put the grill away for a few months. It breaks my heart, but I guess I'm not hot enough to handle outdoor cooking this time of year.

Rick said:

Tony--you either have it or you don't!

You can stick to web-magic indoors, while I'll, once a week, prove myself able to ignore the obviously discouraging weather and grill anyway.

I figure I'm good to go for grilling down to about 25 below. With any luck, the charcoal agrees with that verdict...

Olivia said:


Best wishes with your manuscript. I'll be one of the excited people reading it when it comes out! And I like the picture of your "hot man" :) Whoo hoo!

Peace, blessings, love,


Julia said:

Thanks, Olivia! I'll be thrilled when the time comes when you can read it!

He is pretty darned cute, huh?! Definitely one of a kind. ;)

And Tony, you may not be hot enough to grill in a Minnesota winter, but you're way COOL in my book.

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