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Here's a little tidbit from tonight's work on Choosing Easy World:

The fearful ego, with its devotion to resistance, is attached to things staying the same forever. But constant change is one of the primary characteristics of the universe in which we dwell. So right there, we have the makings of an ongoing challenge and an ongoing invitation to Difficult World.

The more we resist the flow of energy and the transformation of forms, the more painful things are and the stronger Difficult World is in our experience. Resistance equals friction. If you've ever worn a new pair of shoes without socks and gotten a blister, you know that friction does not lead to feeling very good. Choosing Easy World, however, allows you to be fine with change and to flow with it, because in Easy World, every change evolves your experience to a higher level.

It's fascinating to me that years ago--long before I started doing inspired writing and such--I asked Divine Intelligence why people resisted change. The answer I got back was kind of startling to me! It was something to the effect that "Human resistance slows things down so that physical form can manifest. Once human beings stop resisting, everything will speed up so fast that nothing will be distinguishable anymore." Hmmm...

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Sibylle said:

Hi Julia,

thanks for that piece, it hits a nerve right now. You see, contrary to most people, I have always embraced change, almost a little too much at times. But right now, I'm having difficulty with yet ANOTHER major change in my personal life and I wonder, how does consistency fit into the picture? As in, isn't it a positive thing to have lasting relationships? I'm trying not to resist this change but I'm having a very hard time doing it, and I wonder where the balance is between constants and change in life.


Julia said:


You said, "...isn't it a positive thing to have lasting relationships?"

Positive? Judging and making determinations about positive and negative are Difficult World traps, designed to keep us in DW...

Try this on: Relationships do last, they just may not be in the same form and may even not be visible to us anymore, but relationships are eternal. That's why we always need to make peace within ourselves about the relationships we've had throughout our lives. Relationships are always a match for who we are in the moment, and they change as we change.

Trust this.



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