What were the highlights of 2008 for you?

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I am coming down the home stretch with the manuscript! I got a bit of an extension which takes some of the pressure off, but I'm still determined to get this done a.s.a.p. I've been working on the chapter that features the Easy World stories that other people have either sent into me or that I got from the old Easy World Forum. I just love reading these--it reassures me that Easy World is not just a figment of my imagination--or if it is, other people are having the same figments!

I did take time out today to answer the daily question at CarrieandDanielle.com. Today's question was What were the highlights of 2008 for you? Here was what I answered:

Finding a fabulous literary agent who believes in me 100%...attracting a major publishing house with an amazing editor who went to bat to be able to acquire Choosing Easy World, the book I'm in the process of polishing up right now...writing Choosing Easy World so that I am so immersed in Easy World I've been able to accept the potentially traumatic, life-changing events that have come our way over the last few months as the blessings in disguise that they are...Our 2 blessed weeks at the family cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan in September...and, like so many others, seeing our nation choose an inspiring leader in the person of Barack Obama.

What would your answer be? I'd love for you to post it here--or both here and at CarrieandDanielle.com if you'd like! If you go there, you might want to subscribe to their daily question list--even if you don't bother to answer, it's fun to get the question each day and consider what your take on it is...

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