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Happy 2009! I resolve to blog more often this year...

I'm almost finished with the writing of Choosing Easy World! I just have a few more paragraphs to write plus the acknowledgments page and a final read-through, and barring no startling discoveries, Choosing Easy World will be ready to turn in! I almost hate to see this period end. It's been so nice to feel justified in saying "Sorry, too busy with the book to do ___________ (insert anything other than writing). No, really--I have a tight deadline and I just can't!"  This was said mostly to myself, by the way.

Opting out of the Christmas whirlwind was so liberating, I can't even tell you! The only things we did as far as festivities were have the kids over Christmas Eve and go to Rick's Mom's on Christmas Day. The coolest thing about having the girls come is that Rick arranged it and by magic, they were all available, and I made an easy but festive dinner and we all had such a great time. No stressing--just Easy World! Our time with Rick's mom was great, too.

attunement special I've got going has been extremely popular. My calendar is getting quite full. But I love doing them, and with taking an attunement sabbatical to write the book, it's been awhile since I have done any, so I'm thrilled to be a little swamped with attunement appointments!

Tomorrow--or, rather, today, Tuesday, if you're on either my main mailing list or on the Easy World Power Thought list, you'll get a mailing that includes one of the stories that are going to be in the book. It's by
Jacqueline Stone, a friend of mine I met online. She's a powerful soul who has taken on quite the challenging life and is awakening to her true power by using her spiritual truth to transcend the challenges. She is a shining example of how to move through difficulty by relying on her Spirit and I believe she is lighting the way for others to see how to do that. She is truly an inspiration! Be sure to read her story about coming very, very close to losing her home and how she turned the situation around.

Meanwhile, here's a little food for thought: What if your choice to either listen to your short-sighted ego or listen to your all-wise Spirit determined what happens next for you? It does.

By the way, the photo at the top is of the amaryllis that came from the biggest bulb I've ever had (I buy one every holiday season--kudos to Rick for choosing this one!). It had 2 stalks and one of the stalks had 5 trumpets! (the other had 4). I got the interesting effect of the dark background somewhat by accident. It was late one night and I was playing around with the camera and shot into the mirror behind it (with one lamp on to the left of the flowers) and that's the result. I'd like to claim that I knew what I was doing but it was a total fluke. The amazing thing is that it looks like one of my fabulous artist sister Ann Salisbury's paintings--check it out!

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Sibylle said:

Happy New Year to you too, Julia! I'm thrilled to hear the book is nearly finished, I can't wait to read it. And Easy-World Christmas rocks, doesn't it? I have done the same thing for years and every time I'm amazed how I seem to be the only person actually enjoying the "spirit of the season" while everybody else is running around feeling stressed.

I love the look of 2009 so far, it's going to be a year of "births" and dreams coming true, after all the labour and some setbacks in the past few years. I thought it was just me, but I seem to see it all around!


Julia said:

Hi, Sibylle~

So happy to hear that you are tapped into the reality of a great 2009--me, too! It's amazing to me how dire the prognostications are in Difficult World when everyone I know who's experienced Easy World (whether they're aware of it as EW or not) is seeing great promise for 2009. I know who I choose to align with!

To our Easy World lives!



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