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Whew. I am running out of steam! Tonight, for the first time, I put all the chapters, etc., into one big document. I was astonished to find that there are 288 pages and that's without the acknowledgments and front matter! How the heck did I manage to take a simple thing like Easy World and get that many pages--none of them superfluous--out of it?! And, to think--I thought I'd have a hard time coming up with 60,000 words--there are more than 82,000 in this book!

I will print it out to read once I've addressed the few things on my list I already know need some more work. I think reading the manuscript as hard copy is the boost I need to get me through to the very end. I just don't think I--or my sweetie / copy-editor, Rick--can read it one more time on the computer screen!

Don't get me wrong--I love this book. But once you've written and read each chapter with a critical eye as many times as I've read this one, it's a little wearying! Time to change gears.

I will share another little chunk with you. It's from the very last chapter:

Simply by being more at ease, more patient, more efficient, more authentically confident, less controlling, and so on, the way you are when you're in Easy World, will make a huge difference in your interactions with others. This, in turn, will have an effect on the interactions they have going forward, and so on. Just seeing an Easy World-inspired smile on your face instead of a Difficult World-induced grimace, or hearing the kinder, gentler words you say instead of the words the Difficult World Dictator wants to channel through you may be the turning point in someone's day.

What if your choosing Easy World and interacting with someone from that place means they are able to be more relaxed and centered, too? What if their tender, impressionable child is greeted by a more relaxed, patient parent instead of a frustrated, angry one, simply because you set the tone by being in Easy World? I'm sure you can easily imagine the impact that might have.

What if the Love you're radiating by being in Easy World invites someone else to be more loving, too? What if your peacefulness influences someone to be more at peace within themselves so that they don't give in to road rage or some other seduction from the Difficult World Dictator? What if your silent invitation into Easy World enables someone to find a solution to a problem they might not otherwise have been able to? What if the spiritual wisdom you experience in Easy World empowers you to help someone see their own truth? And on and on.

The power of the ripple effect assures that there's no end to the influence you have.

So that's all for the moment. I think Sweet Julie (my inner child) needs some fun before bed! I have a guilty pleasure-type book I've been waiting to start reading...

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bonni said:

Bit of editing assistance:

"What if your choosing Easy World and interacting with someone from that place means they are able to be more relaxed and centered, too?"

That should be:

"What if you're choosing..."

Simple homonym error. Rick will probably catch it, but now he doesn't have to.

Enjoy your guilty-pleasure book. Is it a historical romance, by any chance? That's what I read when I want pure escape. ;)

Julia said:

Thank you for pointing out the problem, Bonni! I appreciate you taking the time.

Actually, in this case, though, "your" (not you're, which is a contraction of "you are") is correct. In this instance, "choosing Easy World" is meant as a noun phrase.

It may have been clearer to you if I had phrased it "your choosing of Easy World," but since the title of the book is Choosing Easy World, I just liked that better!

Since that was not clear to you, I'm going to add in the "of" so that others will not find that a problem, like you did. So even though I'm not using your particular suggestion, you've performed a service, indeed, by showing me something that might be distracting to the reader!

One thing that has been a comfort during this is that not only do I have Rick, the "Comma Doctor," going over this, St. Martin's will have a line editor combing through it as well.

The junk-food book, which I never got to last night after all, is a Tori Spelling memoir...can't believe I confessed that!

Julia said:

Oops! I realized I used a comma in the above where one did not belong...now the Comma Doctor's gonna be after me!!!

Pretend I did not put a second comma in the following:

"Since that was not clear to you, I'm going to add in the "of" so that others will not find that a problem, like you did."

Lisa said:

Hi Julia. I've been following your progress and after that little teaser, I'm looking forward to reading your book upon it's completion. I am currently doing market research for a wonderful group of people that are using the concept of "Heart versus Thinking Mind." I like your concept of Easy World versus Hard World very much also. I know that no matter the labels, it's simply a matter of "shifting" and experiencing this very REAL indescribable thing for yourself. I also enjoyed the Story Telling book myself! There is always something to be gleaned from the telling of any story I think ;)

Julia said:

Ah, Lisa!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm excited for you to read Choosing Easy World, too.

I have ended up going over it one more time before printing it out and it's amazing what a good night's sleep can do to re-energize you to re-read something for the zillionth time and actually enjoy it!

Glad to know that I'm not the only spiritually-focused being who enjoys a little voyeuristic fluff from time to time...

Deborah said:

I have a question. Have you ever come across someone who comes off as very mellow, laid back, in short, like someone who lives in Easy World, but in reality is more like a passive aggressive, ultimately creating more negativity for others while seeming to be at peace and blameless?

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is something to consider: Whenever you encounter someone who is not in Easy World, it means you're not there either!

Other people are mirrors of ourselves.

I've got to get on back to Easy World--see you there!



Deborah said:

Perhaps so. But I'll be checking my belongings and hoping that whatever set the person off won't lead to some petty response that damages my property or peace of mind anyway. Amazingly enough, there is a brightside, I am able to control my impulse to retaliate even when it is something big that is done, like damaging my camper beyond my ability to repair and refusing to pay what my insurance company would not cover.

Makes me proud of myself, the impulse came and went within a second. I had already achieved not sweating the small stuff, this is a biggie.

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~

Be sure to manage your emotions, though--whether or not you acted on your impulse for retaliation, there's bound to be anger within you to deal with.

If you haven't already, check out the Step-by-Step Frequency Raising System (use the search window here on my blog to locate it). Step #3 and the others will be very helpful for you. It will help you clear out your anger and other emotions you've been stuffing down.

Then you will be more peaceful inside and centered so that what you're attracting/creating as your experience is more peaceful and harmonious, too.



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