For the Bible Tells Me So

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Ta-daaaaa! I finished making the manuscript revisions and sent it back today. Hallelujah! I cut it down from 297 pages to 215. Please cross your fingers with me that it is accepted as finished!

Just afterwards, as I announced to Rick that I had sent it, he handed me a congratulations card which he'd kept at hand for the blessed moment. What a sweetie. I told him he didn't much look like a cheerleader but that he is the best one in the world!

We then watched an amazing documentary called For the Bible Tells Me So, which is about how the Bible has been misinterpreted and used against homosexuality. It is SO powerful. I wish everyone could see it. Rick and I were choked up much of the time while watching it.

After spending the earlier part of the day making sure the Easy World manuscript makes it clear that the fearful ego/Difficult World Dictator is all about resisting, excluding and rejecting, while Easy World, home of Spirit, is created through non-resistance, accepting, allowing, and embracing, it was especially timely for me and affirmed the powerful impulse I had this morning that I needed to do that.

I am so profoundly grateful for whatever celestial movement--our journey deeper into the photon belt?--that is gradually decommissioning the reptilian-brain-driven ego. I am so grateful that whatever it is, is making it so that we no longer buy into the DWD's machinations so readily and so that it is so much easier to recognize Love and stand within it! And I am so thankful to be on the team that's helping in that process--aren't you?!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Spirit!

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Olivia said:

Congratulations, Julia!

I ordered the film as well, the trailer looks wonderful to recovering fundamentalist Christians such as me and Mark (aka LoveHubbie). Thank you for discussing it and for providing the links.

Have a wonderful time celebrating, xo,O

Julia said:

That's great, Olivia! It's heartening to know there are "recovering fundamentalist Christians" in our midst!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message!



Jacqueline said:

Hi, Julia!!
so glad you got the manuscript done.
The film sounds wonderful. I studied about the revisions to the Bible, and all the gospels that were cut out of it. The church didn't want people to be empowered. But Christ did. If we take a close look at what Jesus taught, it was all about self-empowerment, of accepting our divinity and using it in life. He taught Easy World!

I updated the teleseminar lens with your next call, and the other lens that's just about YOU. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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