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birthday orchid in 09 sm.jpgYesterday (the 27th) was a great day. It was my 55th birthday and I had a lovely, leisurely time with Rick. We started with a bagel and coffee at Stella's on Pearl Street, came home and watched The Young and the Restless (my not-so-secret daily addiction which Rick has joined me in since he's time on weekdays--but please don't tell anyone...), then, I opened cards and presents, took a nice nap, talked to family members who called to wish me a happy day, and to top it all off, we went out for dinner at Mel's Bar and Grill. (We took advantage of Restaurant Week prices--$52.80 a couple for a 3-course meal--it was fabulous, too!) The perfect day!

Oh, there was plenty to do work-wise, but after spending so many months hardly ever taking a day off while writing the book, including the 3 weeks I recently worked on revisions, I did not feel even a tiny bit guilty for being out of the office all day--even though I will be working over the weekend to make up for it.

I still don't know when or if I'll be getting a winter/spring Rising Times (newsletter) out, but what I'm doing this weekend is coming up with an article to send out on Monday and Wednesday--part 1 on Mon., part 2 on Wed. I committed to helping promote both Judith Orloff's and Marci Shimoff's books this week, and I hate just sending promos to my list, so I will come up with something of value for my subscribers in addition to the ads! I might not even be doing the whole thing but Judith and Marci (both way more well-known that I am--YET!) have offered to reciprocate for those who help them. With Choosing Easy World in the works, that will be very helpful.

Anyway, it astonishes me that I am 55. First off, considering how immature I still feel, it's a shock, indeed, to look in the mirror and see the strange disguise I'm wearing! For me, adulthood began at 50, so I think I ought to look about 26 when I check the mirror! Five years ago, as I turned the big 5-0, I finished writing Recreating Eden, and it feels like that's when things really started for me. It's been a wonderful ride and I have a feeling the last five years are just the warm-up. I am the definition of late bloomer!

And speaking of blooms and turning 50, my sisters gave me the fabulous orchid you see above for my 50th b-day (which I'd better mention that Rick picked out for them) and it is still thriving on my kitchen windowsill five years later! In fact, it has been prettier and more full of blooms each year--just the way I intend to be.

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Annie Binns said:

Girl, I can't believe you're 55 either!!! Happy One Day After Birthday to a fabulous woman who doesn't look One Day Over 40!!! If I am going to look like you at 55, I will have to completely stop aging starting ... before now. I'm hoping you share your secret in Choosing Easy World!! Ah, maybe that IS the secret, yes?

Olivia said:

Sounds like a fantastic birthday, Julia.

Now THAT is True Love, your hubbie watching your story with you. True. Love.

Have a wonderful year,



Julia said:

Annie, you flatterer! You look fabulous. I couldn't guess your age, but it is obvious to me that you are much younger!

Rick and I thought of you when we were at Stella's Friday--I hope we can get together there again soon!



Julia said:

Well, it IS true love--but he's about as into it as I am at this point! It started out as a bonding thing, and now he cues up the DVR and has it ready and waiting before I'm even in front of the TV! My kinda guy!

Thanks for the b-day wishes, Olivia!



Ann said:

So glad to see that the 5-0 orchid is faring so well and that you are too!!!

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