Namasté, everybody!

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President Obama (what a wonderful phrase!) is in Denver today to sign the stimulus bill and even though I really have needed to be finishing up the manuscript revisions, I just couldn't help but watch the festivities. No, not in person--you needed an invitation and mine was clearly lost in the mail--but on the telly.

I blubbered through about 25% of it. The emotions started flowing when they introduced the guy who was to introduce the President.
(He's the one speaking in the photo.) He is the CEO of a solar energy company out of Boulder called "Namasté Solar Electric." They had installed the solar panels on the roof of the Natural History Museum (where the signing ceremony was held), and are one of the green companies who will directly and immediately benefit from the stimulus plan.

So what made me cry? Just realizing that our government's highest officials were lauding a company with the word namasté in it! And that it was said repeatedly both to a national and an international audience. (Never mind that Joe Biden got it right one time and then said "Manasté Solar" the next.)

Most of you reading this are likely already familiar with the term as we in the new age movement long ago appropriated the Sanskrit greeting. If you're not already aware, namasté has many interpretations, but they all distill to mean something approximating this: "I salute the divine within you which is also within me."

So between the overwhelming emotion of not only hearing namasté being said over and over by the men in suits, I fell apart again when President Obama was talking about the stimulus bill including support for wellness initiatives and green jobs and solar, wind, geo-thermal power, etc. When you've been holding a vision for as long as some of us have--me, personally, only since the late '70s--it's an awesome thing to see it finally coming to the mainstream, and on MSNBC and CNN! I confess I haven't always thought it would happen in my lifetime.

Anyway, I now do need to get back to making those revisions. I'll make them now with a renewed sense of  possibility--and also, of the necessity of my message. Those same forward-looking "suits" kept talking about all the hard work ahead...There's clearly still a need for getting the word out about Easy World!

Namasté in Easy World, y'all!

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