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A few years' back, I wrote about the sacred Solfeggio Scale frequencies. I always have Jonathan Goldman's Holy Harmony or The Lost Chord playing when I am doing attunements and teleseminars because they include the frequencies. Very healing, uplifting, and empowering.

Yesterday, I was scanning my ORMUS group mailings, and saw that someone had posted a link to a YouTube video and I was immediately drawn to check it out. It was ears-full of bliss! It's the "miracle frequency" (528 hz) with fabulous visuals from sacred geometry and Kabbalah.

After watching/listening for only a minute, I had all the classic symptoms of having taken ORMUS (and I haven't had any in many months)! I was tingly all over with a pronounced "hatband" effect, and I felt like I'd been meditating for hours. Beautiful!

Here it is (be sure you have sound turned on and be sure to click the icon that's the second from the right on the bottom of the video to make it full screen--you just click "esc" to get back to normal) : 


I then went to the video creator's website ( and downloaded a bunch of free audio files, including the Solfeggio frequencies for each of the 7 primary chakras. Wow! I was so appreciative, I also bought a hypnosis program for greater abundance (which I haven't yet tried out), and there are many more downloads I'm interested in. There is a wealth of info on the site, and there are lots of their videos on YouTube.

Just playing the Solfeggio Frequencies is really empowering, and they're perfect background for creative activities or meditating, so be sure to check out the free downloads!

Have fun!  

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bonni said:

Hey, thanks for this information! Good stuff, really good stuff. :)

Jacqueline said:

OMG!!! I LOVE Solfeggio music!!! I've been looking for it for years, since I lost the one tape I had of it.

I read that 100 Gregorian chants were done in this scale to help the people awaken to the inner truth, but the heads of the Christian church either hid them away or burned them.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Julia!

Julia said:

Bonni and Jacqueline~

You are so welcome!

Jacqueline, that is what I have read as well. Thankfully, the power of Love is overcoming the love of power at last!

In Joy,


Alvina Schaffer said:

Are there any discussion groups for people sharing their experinces using the Solfeggio frequencies?

Julia said:

Hi, Alvina~

There may be, but I don't know of any. I'd go to Yahoo Groups and do a search if I were you. If you find a great group, please let us know!

Love, Joy, Ease,


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