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A theme that's been very present over the last couple of days is that of the utter futility--and pain--of trying to live up to an ego-imposed standard of perfection. I have managed to attract an abundance of evidence to match my fear of being judged not being perfect and not consistently living in Easy World. (Who, by the way, is?)

Instead of focusing on what I have to offer of value, my focus has been riveted to how I'm not living up to the perfection I aspire to. Time to drop that aspiration!

I am so very human. The message I bring forth is divine. I intend to live the message, but I don't always. Like the many I share my message with, I use it as guidance, but I am not the message. I deeply desire to more fully embody the message, but I surely need to relax about it. Clearly, judging my progress is setting me back. Time to ease up on myself.

I must admit, I sometimes envy Esther Hicks for channeling Abraham--not because the info coming to and through me is any less valuable, but because when you ascribe the wisdom you offer to another entity, it lets you off the hook from being judged according to how well you live up to the message. But as I've said before, my own inner guidance has very strongly blocked me from claiming the information I share comes from anyone but Universal Wisdom.

Let me make this loud and clear: I am the Easy World messenger. I am not in Easy World all the time. I need the EW message every bit as much--maybe more--than anyone. (I am making that loud and clear primarily for myself.)

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Lisa said:

Big hug first off :) Maybe seeing it from another perspective helps? I don't see you as bringing anything in from the divine, I see it as the divine becomes obvious when we are aligned with it, or rather, when we are not lost in ego/thoughts/concepts.

The only practice in my experience is noticing when you are not being divine.

The title of "teacher" is a powerful concept in this society and comes with a lot of baggage, yes?

The sharing of our stories is really what is going to help us all in the long run, so that we can learn from each other to spot the pot holes that we might otherwise miss along the way.

Julia is not channeling the Divine, the Divine is shining through more and more in the one named Julia.

Michelle S. said:

Julia, I think Lisa's fantastic last sentence says it all! I am enormously grateful to your Easy World messenger self, AND your Difficult World very human self. Because I so admire how successfully you've merged your Joy with your Life Work, it's refreshing and reassuring to know that the "Great Guru" of Easy World still belly-flops into Difficult World sometimes, just like anyone else! If you didn't share this part with us too,the message you're offering the world would be lost to many people who might feel that Easy World is only for "advanced" Spiritual seekers. Just to pull an example from another great Teacher: If I remember the story correctly, seems like Jesus got plenty steamed with those money-changers in the temple one day. He definitely took a side-trip to Difficult World for a few moments over that one. (Ok, yes, he probably forgave the money changers -- but he didn't let 'em stay in the Temple, did he?) The point is, the Difficult World days and moments you share with us reinforce the point that Easy World is available to everyone, all the time, not just to a few "special" or "advanced" chosen ones!
Be easy, it's all good. And to quote another Teacher, "There is much love for you here"!
Big hugs and big wishes for an Easy, delightful day to you.
Michelle S.

Julia said:

I am very much appreciating what you ladies are mirroring for me: wisdom, acceptance and Love.

Thank you!



Francesca said:

There is Perfection is ALL of who you are! I love your human-ness and I love your Divinity (ultimately everything is God anyway).

Until we leave this earth experience we must accept that we will always reflect and express both. And know that it's all beautiful and loveable.


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