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Okay. Confession time again. This is a little embarrassing, but since it's just between us...I always see people quoting spiritual teachers and wish people were quoting me (my face is red right now). So it occurred to me that *I* can quote me!

That way, my affirmation, "My work is quoted a lot" can be fully accepted by my left brain!
And, people will know where to find quotes from Julia Rogers Hamrick.

It was time for a new message for my home page, so while I had Tony (wonderful webmaster) change that, I decided to put a quote at the top of the welcome message. I was going to have it change once a week, but he suggested that it change each time you refresh the page.

I thought that sounded cool so he has it set up so that the quotes appear whenever you enter the site or refresh the page. The order is random (one time I refreshed it and got the same quote back, so I know it's random!). I think it's a pretty cool feature because now, not only am I quoted a lot, when someone first finds my site, they can get a feel right away for what it is I teach.

And, if they were so inclined, they could share the quote with others (My work is quoted a lot. My work is quoted a lot. My work is quoted a lot...)!

Please do check out the new, improved homepage and see which quote shows up when you get there!

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Lisa said:

Why do you want to be quoted? Lisa

Julia said:

Hi, Lisa~

Why do I want to be quoted? Well, my ego would like it! Not proud of that, but it's true. There's the destructive side of ego and the constructive side. I think there's a little of both involved here.

You know how ego is--it wants recognition for things it can't even really take credit for! (Always trying to block Love and then when it's failed in doing that and something comes of it, it wants to take credit for it!) My ego is proud of what I've written, etc., and wants recognition and gets frustrated things are not moving faster (even while my true Self knows Divine Timing is unfolding perfectly).

Then, there's the nobler ego-based reason: I bring a lot of powerful information through from Spirit, and have a driving desire that it spread and be of service to greater numbers of people. Quotes can help with that.

That's about it!

Love, Joy, Ease,


Michelle S. said:

Hey Julia.. let your Spirit soar and your Ego be assuaged -- I've been quoting you to my Self, my family and my friends for days now! Not only that, but I've shared with them how great life in Easy World has been lately and hyperlinked the EW site to any/all whom I think would enjoy it. You know, I'll bet lots of people quote you, it's simply occurring outside of your awareness right now. Wonder what would happen if you remarked to yourself, "In Easy World, I easily find evidence that people quote me all the time!" I'll bet you'd be bowled over by how often your wonderful words of wisdom and love are passed from one to another to another!
Have an Easy World day,

Julia said:

"In Easy World, I easily find evidence that people quote me all the time!" Love, that, Michelle! Great idea!

I've probably been blocking my desire with my want! (When you want something, you keep yourself in the realm where it's not available; when you desire something, it's already yours, and as long as you're not wanting it, you'll discover you already have it!)

And my ego is assuaged with your assurances! Thank you!!!

Back in Easy World now.



Lisa said:

Fair enough :) Of course, not wanting to be quoted would mean - no wanting, and therefore maybe - no blocking, and then maybe - quoting, but by that point, who will care?

Julia said:

Good point, Lisa--it will be cool to reach the point of not caring. Meanwhile playing the human game is still interesting, if not always fun!

Thanks for stopping by.



Lisa said:

I know for myself that anything done out of ego, even if it looks positive, is not the same as something done when in alignment with spirit. There is no future point to get to where you won't care anymore, it's just this moment. Do you care this moment? Maybe yes, maybe no. It's always this moment, seemingly over and over again :) Lisa

Lisa said:

Okay, forgive me for not feeling like playing the game here, but if we're all serious about staying in Easy World then this is where I have issues with your post. You are a teacher of how to stay in Easy World and yet, you are not always there yourself. When you get lost in ego, you talk differently about ego, for the very fact that you are lost in it. When you noticed the desire to be quoted, noticing that it is a result of not being in Easy World would have been the ultimate outcome. Not faulting you at all here, because dang! it's hard to stay in Easy World since we've lived in Difficult World for what feels like forever! Justification is just what the ego needs to keep going. My question to you is: Do you still feel like being quoted when you are firmly in Easy World? My question to myself is: Do I care what you do or say when I am firmly in Easy World?

Julia said:

Hi, Lisa~

I've never, ever claimed to be in Easy World all the time. I have always wanted to be able to be real and be able to express my human foibles along with my loftiest thoughts on this blog.

All of us fluctuate on the vibrational scale and are straddling the 2 worlds. I am no exception.



Rebecca said:


I wanted to tell you that this is my all-time favorite post by any spiritual coach anywhere! : ) I hope your wish is granted and you are quoted often! I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with you wanting to be quoted, in fact I think it is delightful, and even more delightful is the fact that you admitted it. Why? Because you were being Really You, and there is nothing in the whole world that is more wonderful than a person being Really His or Herself. It certainly made my day! If only more people were Really Themselves on a regular basis!

I am going to help you out and add a quote from you to my signature line on my work email. ;)

Julia said:

Wow, Rebecca! That may just be my all-time favorite comment! I love being affirmed for being REAL!

Thank you so, so much for your support! And I'm so tickled to think of a quote from moi going out with your emails!

Love and Joy,

Julia, being Really Me

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