Time to let yourself be loved unconditionally

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Today, I was fussing at Rick about getting something done (so important, I haven't a clue what it was!). His response was, "I'm getting ready to do that. Then I'm going to (whatever the other thing that needed doing was), and then I'm going to love you forever."

Wow. Here I am b*tching at him, and that's his response?

"How did I ever end up with someone who loves me that much no matter what?" I asked myself.

And then it hit me. How lucky I am to have had parents who prepared me to be loved in that way! My dad's professions of love multiple times a day used to get on my nerves when I was a teenager. Now, I appreciate it. It conditioned me to be comfortable with hearing "I love you." No matter what.

I am very clear that not everyone is able to accept the kind of big, unconditional Love I receive from Rick. (If they were, they'd have it.) So thank you, Mom and Dad, for blazing that trail in my psyche so that I can have a husband who is that devoted without me needing to run away out of a sense of unworthiness!

If you didn't have that kind of parental upbringing, you can just claim it for yourself, anyway. In fact, you need to. So, your mother and father didn't give you that kind of steady, "I'm loved no matter what" experience. Even though you may not have recognized it, Mother Source and Father Source have always loved you completely and unconditionally, and have been demonstrating that to you in infinite ways your whole life.

No matter what you do, they just keep on radiating and receiving Love, modeling the perfect relationship, and providing you with everything you could ever want. Open yourself to that! It's time to be comfortable with being loved no matter what. You are.

It's time to claim all the blessings that being loved unconditionally has to offer!

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Rick said:

Julia, it is a marvelous concept to highlight! So much of spiritually focused writing is done to instruct on the value of loving unconditionally, and nowhere near enough on how to accept such a wonderful love.

I'm ecstatic to offer you such a love, and I'm opening my arms to receive yours.

As you often say as you kiss me good night, it's a good system, this one which allows us each our endless stream of love to accept and enjoy, and someone with whom we connect who accepts the endless shining, the broadcasting of love we offer to the universe.

Forever? Only just the start, my love.

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