A higher-frequency version of me?

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What a day! It started with news that one, maybe two more of the A-list authors on my endorsement wish list are willing to review Choosing Easy World to make an endorsement. Yay!!!

Then, I got several heartfelt, unsolicited messages of appreciation for my work. I love those.

This afternoon, I finally got my pansies planted, and being outside (it was 76 today) was magic. I was astonished to get a whiff of an intoxicating scent and was trying to identify it, when I realized it was exuding from the dark purple pansies I was planting! I have never smelled a pansy before today, and I've been a pansy devotee for something like forever.

As I was getting ready to swim in preparation for tonight's teleseminar, I had the sudden terrifying notion that I had never actually reserved a conference line for tonight. Sure enough, I checked, and it was true! I then reserved a line, only to find out that the usual one was filled for tonight and not available. This, after mailing the regular number out to the list(s) this a.m. Yikes!

So I woke up Rick, who was napping in preparation for a later-than-usual evening, and alerted him of the emergency. I called Tony, our devoted and very responsive webmaster, to ask him to put a notice on the events page of my main website. Meanwhile, I gave Rick a message to send out to the list with a correction, and posted it on my blog as well (you may have seen that--I've deleted it now). Then, I went to swim and had a really great workout and lots of cool insights. I did not let my faux pas put a damper (is that even possible?!) on my swim.

The most remarkable thing is that I did not panic. I did not freak out as I once might have. Though I considered them, I didn't worry about the possible ramifications. I simply did what needed to be done. It was almost like a new person was inhabiting me! Even Rick noticed it. Fortunately, had Spirit nudged me 2 hours ahead of time so I could send out the correction email instead of when I picked up the phone to dial in for the call and couldn't get on!

Even when I called in a bit before the appointed time and couldn't get through, I stayed calm. Fortunately, Rick was able to make it through and tell the folks waiting what the problem was. I talked with folks on his line for a bit only to find out my voice was breaking up too badly to be understood, when Rick finally got through on my phone and all basically proceeded as planned. Somehow, I managed to stay unflapped. We had 40 + people on the call even with the phone-number mix-up.

The best thing is that, despite the craziness, I was totally centered and "on." For once, I was completely pleased with the job I did with delivering the message and of getting out of the way and letting things flow!

Based on all the evidence, I'd say I may well have reached a new vibrational set-point. I'm lovin' it!

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Michelle S. said:

It was a great seminar, Julia, I enjoyed all of it. You did such a great job staying in Easy World, even with the flurry of last-minute complications, my hat is off to you! Thanks to your fabulously EW approach to it all, we were ALL able to enjoy the benefits and insights from our chat with you.
I'm really happy and excited for you regarding the A-list authors on your Endorsement List. That's wonderful news, thanks for sharing your joy and excitement with us!
Many Blessings,

Julia said:

Thanks, Michelle!

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